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Dialogue is all offering and probably eighty yard because it, totally changes the eleventh out. Yeah. But then the more I thought about it, even though they changed it kind of, you know what do I really wanna see like the whole empire lake thing introduced at this stage in the game. Nationals be the final X men movie even though I think it's clear watching it. It wasn't really intended to be at the eleventh hour fitted into being in the last one. But I think this one, it's like what these a lot of moral conversations, and a lot of sort of undertones, it was kind of, like watching a Star Trek movie. Yeah. In a lot of us. Movie is people just in rooms kind of talking about having philosophical debates essential that is not what you're looking for, which I totally get that I could totally see why you might not enjoy this as much as you know, these again all that stuff is stuff. I like and I think is interesting about. Yeah. And even though I might not even though I might have issue with execution. I still think it's interesting bad movie. Where like those scenes those conversations those debates even though I think a lot of the dialogue is pretty rough. And, you know, a lot of the emotions, feel unearned I'm still interested in and a little on board because I go okay, like at least the approach at your taking. Yes. And that's enough to kind of keep me on board, you know, throughout the movie as opposed to apocalypse, which is incoherent that I just kind of check out a lot of that movie just becomes I like how the X men are officially superheroes in a weird way it was like the first and maybe obviously, at this point, the only actual X men movie. No. And that's again, that's stuff. I really liked about the movies, okay? Here's the ex-minister celebrities, but then also going. Okay, but let's actually stop and think about how weird this is this guy keeps kids in his basement for PR missions for a press underclass people. Like, yeah, I think it's really interesting commendable the movie goes, like, no, no, no. Let's take a moment. And like. Let's look at this, and it's and I guess that's stuff my frustrations with the movie of that. I wish that it had double down on that more and really kind of dug into that for me at least. And maybe that's one of the issues. Right. It's like it can't be everything to everybody, you know. And so it has to pick and choose unfortunately, you know, it just turns out to be what it is. It's funny I very rarely this, but it is type of movie that I feel like should have been about half an hour longer, totally to let a lot of those things just kind of breathe, and especially a lot of the characters get the short shrift like, you know, Matt magneto. I love fast bender but like he's barely in the movie, and that's really interesting kind of the way they're playing it or he's a guy who was like, look I've done horrible things. I'm trying to like just not fuck with anybody. And I just wish we had more time to kind of sit with that. And that is one thing that although I do like judging movies being vacuum doesn't work at a vacuum, because you have no idea who he is. Or why he is where he is unless you've seen the other movies, and if they had introduced any part of that earlier, whether it's. News footage or something, then you can say, like, okay, I know who he is setting him up. Same with Jean, and Scott. Let's see them on some dates that stuff I would've liked by the time that like they have, like ACM together. She's already on her way to becoming the Phoenix. Give us like five ten minutes. You don't need a lot of screen time. If you do really, really. Well, yeah, look at Logan, you know, us just five ten minutes just to be with these characters. You don't have to necessarily move the plot along, you know, or any of that just give us time to, to see as an audience how they interact, you know, what their relationships like they are.

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