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And make sure you always mortgage confidently, James GRA Sappho and Ben Horowitz on the other side of the glass, and we. We have two guests joining us on this Saturday morning with college football coming up later today Gardner Menchu of the number eight team in the nation and the Washington state Cougars. He will jump on board. But does as he also leads the nation in passing and has a tremendous story as he started things off at Troy them went to community college. Then found his way at ECU actually got a chance to see him play some college football in the American athletic conference before ending up with Mike Leach's squad as he's now on that. Washington state football team is trying to win the Pac twelve and they're off to an eight in one start and they've been such a special story this year. So we'll talk to Gardner Menchu. We also talked to the number one team in the nation, and that's the Alabama crimson tide. And we'll talk to their senior linebacker and team leader in Christian Miller who will join us later on in the program as he has seven sacks on the season. Everything's coming to fruition for him. And we all know Alabama just keeps on rolling and rolling enrolling as they did defeat. LSU? Last weekend. They shut out LSU at LSU territory. So Alabama's the best team in college football there. One for a reason Clemson is number two. And then you get into three and four and you have Notre Dame and Michigan, and we'll see if anyone's going to be able to dethrone wonder maybe multiple of that top four to try to squeeze their way in to the college football playoff. So a lot of college football playoff stuff to do a lot of college football talk throughout the show. But we're going to start things off with the NFL as that was watching that dismantling of the Carolina Panthers on Thursday night. And it came at the at the doing of the Pittsburgh Steelers. So it wasn't that long ago. When we look at Pittsburgh, we were wondering what's going to happen with the Pittsburgh Steelers. There's a lot of drama. There's always a lot of drama in Pittsburgh. And is this the year that they're finally going to crumble or will they still prevail and win the AFC north then after we look at what is now nine games for the Steelers season as they sit in at six two. To and one. I still think they're going to win the AFC north. I thought that was going to be the case going into this year. But there was cause for concern after they had a tie with the Browns, and they lost the KC only be Tampa by three and then get shut out in the second half. I Baltimore as they ended up losing that football game twenty six to fourteen and couldn't score anything and the second half. After those four games they were at the time one two and one on the season. And you were wondering with everything going on with the Antonio Brown and love the on bell. But they be he didn't show up to work on that Monday. If you remember then got into a Twitter exchange with the ex team employ people, then thought he was demanding for trade. You also had the lawsuit with the damage with the condo. And then this past week leading into the Carolina Panthers game. He was going one hundred miles per hour was pulled over by the cops. But with the Antonio Brown. You learn. To go with the drama, and you learn to go with some of the problems and deal with it. Because this year ten touchdowns in close to seven hundred yards. And we all know that he is the one of the best receiver in the sport. I think he is the preeminent wide receiver in the sport. But you learn to deal with it and go with the punches that you get dealt by Tonio Brown, even if they do sometimes put your team in a difficult spot. And then you get to Levy on bell where he hasn't shown up this year and that goes back to the entire contract disputes. So there was some costs for concern with the Steelers, but any cause of concern that you did have a quickly did get that berated in this five game win streak that they're currently on. And oh, boy how dominant did they look on Thursday night. Where you have the Carolina Panthers team that probably is playing a little bit better than what their record actually says there are. But they saliva a very good quarterback. And Cam Newton. They have Christian McCaffrey a defense that you thought was supposed. To be good. But it was fifty two to twenty one. And Carolina went down the field. The first drive of the game. They put up a touchdown. And then quickly Pittsburgh was able to make it fourteen to seven and fourteen to seven eventually turned into twenty one to seven in the final score ended up paying fifty two to twenty one. So now all the panic and all the chaos in Pittsburgh, even though they're still as drama, and you don't know what's going to happen with Antonio Brown each and every week before the games, and you don't know whether Levy umbrellas going to show up or not and we'll have that answer by early next week. They find a way to put all that drama aside. And they find a way to win football games as they're six two and one on the air and the right in the conversation to get to the Super Bowl with the pats in the AFC and also the Kansas City Chiefs, those three teams that jump off the page to me that could be making a trip to Atlanta for the big game. But now, you wonder. At the Steelers are going to get even better if Levy on bell decides to show up and eventually sign the franchise tag as that deadline is November thirteenth. So we will have that answer. Maybe in the next few hours. Maybe it will break next few minutes. But we will know that answer by November thirteenth, and he tweeted even though he wasn't able to spell farewell correctly. He did tweet farewell Miami where he's been working out you dank and where he's been living, and he was spotted in Pittsburgh, actually, working out as at a gym playing basketball. So you would think he would be showing up, but you never know what the drama that does surrounded himself with the Pittsburgh Steelers. And if I had to make a bet here and trust me vacillated on this one we've heard so much information and some of the misinformation and the way that this thing has been reported. I would think he would show up. But when you look at it. It if I was him at this point. And you've already sacrifice eight or nine million dollars. And I get it. Everyone loves to have five or six million dollars in their pocket. If he does show up by November thirteenth, but at this point. A why would you show up? You know, you're going to get paid in this upcoming off season. I don't think in these next few games. It's going to convince anyone to give you that extra cash and give you the sixty seventy million dollars. Whatever you're looking for in the off season. The jets would still give you that money. The colts would still give you that money. Maybe the Houston Texans would still give you that money. And if I'm levian bell. And I already risk the eight or nine million dollars why show up and play for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the remainder of the season where yeah, you could come in and play well, and you should be able to play well with your talent and your background. But if you do come in and God forbid, you get hurt and you have an achilles injury. Like what we saw a Dez Bryant. When a freak accident on the practice field or uterine ACL. All the waiting that. You've done where you have given up eight or nine million dollars goes to waste in what trying to get the extra five or six million dollars that you would make this year. We're in the off season, you may be getting sixty or seventy million dollars and at first, and this is how it's been misreported. I thought he had to show up in order to retrieve NC until early last week ESPN clarified the reporting because even they have been saying that he had to show up and Fowler and Adam Schefter. They put an article which laid it out pretty perfectly where he doesn't need to shot this year to become a free agent and three things can happen. Whether he shows up or doesn't show up by November thirteenth number one. The Steelers could franchise tag him again for the third and final time. And that's unlikely because it would come at a price tag of around twenty five million dollars. It'd be the QB price tag. So twenty five million dollars. You're not going to give them. That on the franchise tag. You would think you could then transition tag in which give the Steelers the first right of refusal. So he could go negotiate a contract and free agency. Let's say he will get seventy million dollars firm. The jets they go back to the Steelers. Do you want to match it? Yes. You match it. No. You don't any winds up with the different team or they don't franchise tag him or they don't transition tag him. Then he could just become a free agent at the end of the year. So a lot of it has been reported in this process that he needs to show up this year in order to accrue the season and retrieve that is not true from what we learned this week. And then you find out more about the specifics with the franchise, tag and the transition tag. And what that price tag would be in the way that this process does work out in the NFL is always confusing. Just like the rule book. You really don't know. What's in it? And you really don't know how to explain it. We finally get that answer in the early goings of November as the situation has played out. So I guess the only reason why he would show up is because he feels like he has to prove something or he just wants to play football and get the five or six million dollars that he could get coming his way for the rest of the season. Because let me remind you James Connor. He was he's been sensational. He's been spectacular for this football team. And I know he's in the concussion protocol after the Panthers game. But I think James CONNER has done enough and has done more than enough that if he's healthy, even if love EON bell comes back. You can't give all the carries the love the mbelle right away because that was the locker room if you're member, and you expect professionals to be professionals, but you never know when the NFL they commented players in that locker offensive lineman in that locker room comment on the contract situation above EON bell. And it seemed like there's a little bit of a contentious relationship there at the end of the day. Love EON bell comes in and he can help you win a lot more football games. And it's always good to have fresh legs at this time of the year. But I'll be very curious. If CONNER has helped the embel- does report by Tuesday. How he will handle the reps that will be given out on game day, and we'll see how that does play out. But overall once again. I'll reiterate it if I'm love EON bell. And I've seen what I've done so far my career and you've already risked eight or nine million dollars. Then you throw that away your throat it in the garbage the zero in this regular season. And you've already thrown away eight or nine million dollars. Why come back at this point for five or six million dollars? And I get it. Trust me, if I had an opportunity to make five or six million dollars and miss all this time of work. I would do it in a second. But my job I can't get injured at my job. I speak behind the microphone Levy on bell could pop and achilles guitar Seattle. And then may not get that lucrative contract. He would still get paid. But he may be not get that sixty seventy million dollars, especially if it's this late in the urine. How long that recovery takes? It would really. Really be hypocritical to everything that he's trying to accomplish here. If he does play the rest of the way. Because if he gets hurt. Everything that you've waited out for and sacrificed all that money. It really does go to waste. So I do believe he will show up. He's in Pittsburgh for a reason if he doesn't shot now, let's say horrible. Look this hasn't gone probably the ideal way that he thought it would share. Puts them long-term preserves this healthy with thank assume. He doesn't get hurt when he comes back, but James CONNER has walked in and has done an exceptional job. So here's where I'm at. If I was him..

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