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Pep Talk for veterinarians who who had just graduated. I use the phrase, create your own career so You know think you'll you direction might change from when you start a bit too when you graduate or might change these down the track I I wanted to be settled it. But you know things change depending on the sort of animals you see and you follow your passion it's it's really important if you wanna be zoo it you you really need to get some practice at being a good all around us. So you need to be in mixed practice and this place debate makes practices also original country town and you're going to be seeing a lot more stuff than you would. In a city practice way. In doing stuff to you will be doing more surgery When you're a night yet in a rural practice make sure that you're in a in a practice with at least a couple of Senate you don't want to be left on your own. Because that can still happen. That ain't wrought for a new Grad. Plenty of support. And that's the and this the way you alone as well. Joined the IV, I mean touring Ski Scheme and. do you and you in mock mentor lots of people ever these so you can mental. will be in toward. Officially through a program that how many. People that we've been told you know through an official program ended up to be friends or always know that I can contact us. Throughout the year and I think it's a great pleasure to go to a conference and you see young people that the students now successful practitioners and you look at the program well, hell the you know they presenting just after lunch on. On on. Something Rather. So it's I guess. I guess it's important to. I guess he create Iran Korea. And also don't be afraid to us for help join special interest group. In the Ivy I saw a few interesting cattlemen's join the candidates I've actually just joined the cattle fits. Because I'm doing kettle and it's really it's quite interesting. You get a welcome pack and everything and I got ahead boys. Now. Can you say? Very becoming. Becoming yes. Yes. So I mean, I is that what? We're being a mentor to I'll tell teas that it's like. Just having someone that is not your parent is not your lecturer that you can. Talk to and confidentially and about anything I. don't care if it's it could be boyfriend or girlfriend troubles or could be headed to a spy on a on a rabbit. That It's it's important that you're a good listener. Really good quote the other day. Listen. What is it? Listen not to reply but listen to understand. So you you've just got to basically be a bit of a sponge for them and Yeah I've I've got to maintain the nine one through the through the University of Sydney, of Heff, if you have these. His and it's quite often thought ones that you think that don't need any help side that ended any help that maud end up being the ones will need you. So you can't. Yes and I can't recommend it enough to. To get involved in the mental Mente program. Fantastic and we all do it for. Fano. Night charges. That's sure. I don't know whether they charge at all I've assays robot. Dina. I, don't have any phase involved with setting they affray near system isn't it subsidized will. At the is trying veterinarian side should. They have a platform way Ken and I provide way. But as an technical support says, I are funding in our supplies but. Now actual charge mentor anti near the that you get some good training which. Is Good and. And also the have the Middle Hill. Fist. Training is always really fully booked. When they offer it so I can't emphasize that too much. To people to do. This Robert. Mac Daddy. Any questions do In, I've been I. Just. Wanted to say not missed. Aim Moment of the things that Robert say tells just beautiful stories and I consider him one of mine professional impersonal mentors and and one of the areas that I am I really wanted to him about today is is a little bit off topic Cartoons orbit. When did you start doing them dumb and wins the next book coming up. Well I have some. File, or older on my laptop and it's at says book three. Falls in never a few years now. And I I like writer's block market. You you just. Do. Cartoon did one the other day that I sent around you got it. And the the twenty. Twenty. Tennis Elba. I hadn't done one for about two years. But then I might be about six day sometimes so. I I started doing cartoons. Seriously for Central Magazine. Faculty magazine, it Bit School. And but I'd been scribbling for a long time before that but my first. Published, cartoon was in the Central Magazine. The university Sydney Vet School. Are. Through my Association these knees ago I, I got to be the resident cartoonist today at conferences. Becky. Nine, hundred, Ninety, eight. and. I also did caricatures of some of the speakers in those a guy called backsta black and he's a American sort of cowboy slash kettle veterenarian and he was very easy to drawer and. but. Only do cartoons these days and. Through that association with the Editor of the newsletter, the that Tom John Richardson, she then moved to the Australian. And doing some cartooning Australian for all. So as we can through that mood, but I, don't Tiki and the strategy and back in those days. And then I A friend of mine, Fontaine who you may remember. The drug reps drug rip and he he was working for fozzard Tom. What now? and. He. He wanted me to publish a book that was great. So my first book of cartoons was published. In very early ninety, ninety s and I sent a copy of it to James Harriet and he sent me Becca lovely little, which is owned framed wall of my studying now. He said, he laughed himself seek I think US exaggerating he's a NAS fell. And then I did a second one about ten years later. And my if it's a little bit more polished. I really enjoy cartooning. People say are Reggie. Comics. In comics gag cartoons, it's different and. I don't care if you laugh at them not and. You only sort of look at a gag cartoons for about three. To five seconds he throw it away. and. The thing I love doing now is sending them to my friends and. The most common response in Marquis who said this on needed this today? I needed it and. It's just a little. A little surprise at the start of the day or something just to It's just. It's not just a very pleasant surprise, but it's also. They are always so. Insightful, in the ways of of the WII vets look at the world that it's like. An in joke and it always brings a smile to my face and and I don't know what it is, but they do turn up. In My inbox just at the time are really need them. I don't plan that, but let's call it serendipity. Bus with with your permission Robert we will put one of your cartoons. Yes. On the on this particular podcast. EPA. Site at Vickers commitment. Okay. With us, you could send A. Sorry Oh to few through and get you can. Go your man of many talents, robot and one of your other talents before we wrap up is..

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