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Good afternoon, I'm sandy cosell with the top local stories we're following this hour. Last week, a 25 year old Silver Spring woman lost her life in a fire at a high rise building that did not have a fire sprinkler system. Her death has renewed a push to get all buildings that don't have the systems to install them. But the county executive says getting them all protected requires a careful approach, almost 80 buildings still don't have sprinkler systems Montgomery county. This is going to be extraordinarily expensive to put sprinklers in all these buildings. But the county's executive Mark L rich says you can't just force owners to install them because the expense of price tag for installation could send rents up. We just have to make sure we can come up with this solution to manage the costs so we don't displace people in the process. He says he wants to look at ways for the county to help pay for the systems. And so that we could do this in a way that it doesn't severely impact rents and lead to more displacements. All high rises have until 2033 to get sprinklers installed, Mike Morello WTO news. A former loud county high school teacher has won a $5 million jury award over a wrongful case of sex abuse. Kimberly winter sued loudon county after her 2018 arrest on charges of sexually abusing one of her park view high school students, but prosecutors quickly dropped charges determining the student was 18 years old at the time of his allegations. The Washington Post reports winters won a 5 day trial earlier this month, but lost her career and Friends. The post says the $5 million jury award will be paid by a state fund. Particularly on WTO news. Just hours after being released from jail, a Maryland teenager is behind bars accused of stealing a vehicle with a child inside. 18 year old aerial Florentino galley is accused of jumping into the driver's seat of an SUV that was left running at a gas station along Richie Marlborough road on Thursday. It happened just a half mile from where he had been released for charges related to theft, a three year old boy was inside the SUV when Florentino gallius took off, a short while later, another driver reported a hidden run, and police found the SUV abandoned with the toddler inside major Brian derm with the prince George's county police department, speaking with NBC four. Anytime

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