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That employs hundreds of thousands of people in this country. It will be negatively affected. If you're waiting to buy an automobile, I think it made a mistake or you better go in this weekend. Because the price of your automobile is going to go up. So you can subsidize another industry. And so this is what we do now subsidize banks. Under George W Bush, subsidized steel. And lumber and aluminum under Donald Trump, by the way, last time, I checked both Republicans. Republicans and then they wrap themselves and patriotism a so pro American. No, it's not it's un-american. You want to withhold technology from a foreign power because they'll use it against us fine. You want to withhold steal from a foreign power because they use it against us fine. You went to withhold aluminum from a foreign power because they'll use it against us fine. But when you punish the American people. While pretending. To protect the American people. It's unacceptable, then you'll have these clowns wrapping themselves nationalism. This will make America great again. How will it make America? Great again, when the vast majority of America is subsidizing a little tiny speck of America doesn't make America. Great. Well, we need is still industry in this country. We need all kinds of industries in this country. Ladies and gentlemen, and the way you have a vibrant steel industry is to have a vibrant steel industry. Well, how can we wouldn't the prices are undercut? Well, we have no idea if they're using RND capital investment, all kinds of efficiencies of management, but I can guarantee you that when they're subsidized they don't even have to look at that. Do they? Do they? And we've done this before I know, I'm up setting many of you. But many of you understand exactly what I'm saying. Because you understand liberty. Can you understand capitalism? Look at this. Balanced trade is way out of whack you'll hear the president and his surrogates talk about this whole time. You'll hear leftists talk about the Charlotte Brown, the left wing goofball socialist Senator from Ohio very excited about the president's day loves it course, he does. Of course, he does. He's a dreamer on this. He's dreaming all about loves it. What is this balance of trade stuff? I've never even understood this. For every dollar that comes in a dollar goes out for every dollar that goes outta dollar has to come in. I don't even understand that. What if we choose at just as an example to make it simple? Let's say the American people want a whole lot of gold, and we decided to import far more gold, then we export. The American people want a lot of copper. Based on the products that they purchase so the products, and then they desire, so we import more copper than we export. Standpoint a hell of a lot more oil than we export it. Now it's turning around. Thanks to what protectionism no capitalism and competition. Now, we're going to be an oil and gas exporter. Because those industries. Are cutting edge. I remember the day. Well, we can't compete against OPEC. We can't compete against all packed. Our companies can't compete against OPEC. They just kicked OPEC's. How did they do that? Technological advances price efficiency competition. Capitalism investment are indeed. The Arabs have nothing over us. The Chinese had nothing over us. And I have sick and tired of the sad sack story. Oh, whoa. Is me. We Americans can't produce where Americans are. So stopping American jolly if they take what are you talking about?.

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