President Trump, South Florida, Miami Herald discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Guess news Radio six n W D 1813 new cases of covert 19 in the state. The State Department of Health also reporting 44 additional death springing the statewide death toll to 11,915 Today. Single day case count is less than yesterday since the second day this week that the state reports fewer than 2000 cases. T minus 55 days until the election, So it's no surprise President Trump is visiting South Florida The commander in chief is veering in Jupiter this afternoon to tout his environmental record. Barry University. Sean Foreman says Florida is a must win key battleground states of the Democrats are also making a president's is well with Kamala Harris and her husband, visiting Miami Thursday, a lot of criticism of Biden being in his basement and not going out to visit voters where they're ready to see him and Camilla Harris in action. A new Miami Herald poll shows by then is struggling to win Miami Latinos in 2016 President Trump Lost Miami Dade, Hillary Clinton by 30 points. Wendy Gershman NEWS radio 6 10 W Y o D. It appears next year's postpone Tokyo Olympics are ago, International Olympic Committee Vice President John Code says the event will happen with or without cove it. The games are scheduled for July, Coats added. They will be known as the Games that conquered Cove it uses brought to other Perry financial Group stopped gambling with your retirement funds. Negative. Trading continues on Wall Street. Everything's in the Red DAO was down 1.4%. 399 points. The 7 27,030 for NASDAQ Down nearly 2.5% 278 points as some P 500 down one and three quarters percent 60 points on the day it's 104 back with more news at 1 30 Rush continues after we check whether next time a Louis news radio 6 10 w I od. As dry areas, But there's some wet spots as we had through the.

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