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His fifth twenty five to fifty on handed anytime and that's really simple. Chris can do that. There are lots of companies online. Who good for to use the exact same filed to send the amazon or handle. Use the same files if you win for local pranks sam's and so there are lots of online print shops that you can use. That's number one number two. He he wants to book the they just carry your with you read a networking event or you have always at your office. People were when people start coming back. You're always there who always signed nor books to that person throwing away i didn't and so it's it's hinge book to somebody urine you'll be a mazed at the response and then they open it up and they it to me. It's just that nobody's ever done rare. Somebody is actually net an author who actually signed the book to them. They're going to do when the home her tell all. Yeah yeah my. I wrote a book on it. You talk about referral strategies on how to use your book stimulate referral using your book where they are getting your vote out that their friends. That's how we help our clients row biz huntington. So it's not you don't want hundreds of books in your when when i first when i wrote my book marketing macaroni thirteen. I remember placing the first order. And i think it was four hundred. Now's work working with that the print. It was minimum orders of one hundred bucks or more and we got away from that realizing that our beloved small business homes lot money out of pocket right your marketing budget over also year ongoing most here and twenty five hoops there. Oh we running at five hundred. Dan is a print on demand world. And that's what we tell. Our clients is just keep enough on hand. That you're not going to run out or i will. That's great.

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