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To give work holiday parties. A proper sendoff is teaming up with visual artist. Alex prager for a full exhibit. Called farewell. Were holiday parties. Why nothing says farewell to an old tradition like seeing it in a museum to celebrate all that extra time with your real friends this season. This is actually really funny. Whether it's virtual or not get great tasting less filling miller lite delivered by going dot com and find the delivery options near you. Tis miller time and if you're an la checkout farewell. Work holiday parties the exhibit at the l. a. c. m. a. That's the los angeles county museum of art. This season november twenty first generous. Well it looks like. I have a plan. This friday celebrate responsibly. Miller brewing company milwaukee wisconsin ninety six calories three point two carbs per twelve ounces. He want details by. I drive a ferrari. Three fifty five cabriolet. What's up. i have a ridiculous house in the south fork. I have every toy you can possibly imagine. Best of all kids. I am liquid so now you know what's possible. Let me tell you what's required the first life advice again. Like advice are edgy. Meal dot com the first one check in here a long time. Love the show. Okay got it on a thirty year old. Cpa the south accountant. I've been in public accounting for about ten years and recently become a partner at my firm will shout out to you at thirty two partner. I am proud of my accomplishments at my age but certainly have more goals in mind. Okay on the price. My question relates to dealing with people who are completely wrong about a topic or feel as though they know i'll i'll aspects of a complex issue. There are few topics are less fun to riff about during a cocktail party. Your tailgate than the us tax code but inevitably acquaintance constantly wanna discuss me and of course pick my brain. I consider myself a very normal dude. Thirty two married with a child on the way.

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