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Bunny attitude and and he keeps coming but when you bring over Marinelli from the cowboys eighty brings with Emily Collins and then he also brings over JC Whitney wouldn't want it to come anyway we saw the potential of this team being some so for him to leave Dallas after coming out of the booth playing saying all right I got one more year maybe two you're thinking there's no freaking way that he's leaving big D. but he sees something here and he understands that he could be that mentor for Darren Waller would ninety receptions but only three inside the red zone for touchdowns we'll do something we can do is teach these young kids how to box out how to get position and how to make the most of what you have because he does not near the athletic talent the deer Waller as I tell you what Jason Witten is a guy who you know I know obviously distant to the S. pen did maybe go as well as he would have liked I think Jason Witten is a guy we could see wind up in a front office Katie I think even if he does that production on the field what he brings to the locker room as a pro is off the charts you know this is a guy that is used he is a pro on and off the field hi and I feel like I'm gonna leave somebody out here but he is probably the second best athlete I've ever covered for a long period of time you know Dirk Nowitzki's always the number one for me just the way I always handle himself the way he interacted just everything but Jason Witten is a close second I probably have a bias towards dark but witnesses class and I think it's going to help this team in different ways you know so many times I was talking to a former general manager in the major leagues and he said to me goes markers not giving credence or enough credit to culture and chemistry within a locker room because I I'm always more about talent but you know over the years a kind of learn to realize that Hey you know what there is tremendous value in the locker room how you guys get along all those things are very critical right so when I look at some of the other guys that they got free agency wise Carl Nassib comes over this guy he missed a few games Leicester this guy knows how to get to the quarterback you did at Auburn and you did it Tampa Bay he will pressure Cleveland Ferrell of Ferrell struggles at all NASA is a guy that could take his job I think feral really improved last six games of the year he started getting it he stopped the boneheaded neutral zone infractions these are key and when I look across this team I mean Max Crosby was a guy that overachieved but there were some other guys that under cheaper when I moved to the office of life this is a line that was banged up gave Jackson was her pretty much Trent brown was banged up Rodney Hudson even banged up a little bit Richie incognito suspended the first two games what a job he did again this guy's thirty seven years old is going to be for you know when the season starts and he's somebody in his last five seasons now in the NFL he's been just about flawless between what he did last year with the raiders in those four before with buffalo you know it's unfortunate incognito they had some off field issues and other things but I I really believe this talent was almost is hall of fame worthy I agree you know it's career may not be but his talent has always been that guy's a wall you can't you can't get through and can't get past about three basically unfair want to touch with the real quickly I thought there was a bit of a reaching number four for the raiders with him and I feel like he would never come out to admit this but I think there was a part of him that was a bit surprised by it and I think you put a little bit of extra pressure on himself to live up to that you know when your top four pick it's expected your franchise changer negative guys the first unexpectedly French has changed dramatically when you're in the top four top five picks so I think he'll get better I just you know and then Abram to in the hard knocks Abram Khan a with his moxie and then is it just is testosterone attitude he's just like he's there and in the end he somebody that you know he's gonna he's gonna take center stage and then Josh Jacobs quiet footsteps of does the work so yeah more pressure on feral as the season went on and you're right I think he did press a little bit but I love the addition of coral NASA that's one and a lot of people are talking about look Arden key we knew he had to put on some upper strength I think he's been doing that and that could be key for him to make not only stay on the squad but be somebody that's somebody that's going to make a difference in them may be interchangeable there on that defensive line you know Arden key had some issues at LSU that kind of took away from the field to me I thought he was a great steel I thought he was a guy that could potentially really develop into something there some guy sometimes if you don't follow college football is close these maybe you and I do you may be familiar with the name you may not but those are kind of picks that third round the fourth round guy really sometimes they have first round or second round talent but they just because of some issues off the field don't get drafted as high but he really could develop into something potentially exit and let's not forget about Kolton Miller because Gruden and company they were kinda I don't see crucified but they're really scrutinize big time when they took a shot at called Miller you know back as one of those three number one picks and and it was somebody you know are actually that was using number one year before right the first how to use the number nine pick I think overall and so people looked.

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