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The number is where you get your news WBZ newsradio twenty two degrees in Boston at ten o'clock good evening I'm medicine Rogers and here's what's happening an active shooter situation late this morning inside a senior living complex and westerly Rhode Island three people were shot by a gunman at the Babcock village apartments westerly police chief Sean laci the suspect is we're not really thinking names at this point the suspect is sixty six year old male that was a resident the facility the victims that was shot two of them more workers of the facility in one of the victims was a resident of the facility two people died including the suspect there was a heavy police response in a lock down for a time in the area including local schools no word yet on a motive a middle schooler in Norton was arrested today after police found bullets in his high school locker they also say he sent pictures of a gun to another student he's been charged with unlawful possession of a gun and ammunition reaction still coming in after house lawmakers on Capitol Hill voted to impeach president trump over abuse of power and obstruction of Congress Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is doubling down on his criticism of the vote agreeing with the White House that the impeachment proceedings are illegitimate rules for the trial which will happen in January still haven't been set yet New Hampshire senator Maggie hacen a Democrat told WBZ newsradio today that's one of her priorities what I know is that this is a very somber time for our country both house members and senators take an oath of office because we're gonna protect and defend the constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic and we take that seriously all what I am looking for now is the leaders of the Senate to get together and in good faith discuss our rules for the trial in the Senate people then all taken a look at the impartiality before the trial begins and I think we need a timely full and fair trial also on beacon are not be compelled to Capitol Hill rather the Senate passed to spending bills today averting a Christmas government shut down the president does still need to sign off on them the two bills to gather up the federal budget by nearly fifty billion dollars if the president signs that the government has guaranteed funding through the end of September it's one of the biggest Christmas events in the region and it needs your help WBZ's Karen regal reports Christmas in the city make sure homeless kids have the Christmas they deserve they need some last minute help this year however more toys more money says founder Jack Kennedy who's been doing this for thirty.

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