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Not in sixty six was a beat. Ye first dryly news, prime minister, sir. Robert Menzies were tied off the seventeen knees in the top office to be replaced by harrowed ho. Strategy. It made the move to the decimal currency system with the Ian dolla replacing impre existing stri. Liam pound. Japan replaced. Great Britain as a strategy is the largest trading. An assassination attempt to his typing out on live potty laid off Colo and to time it sporting venues were allowed to try on Sundays for the first time. As they stories dominated national headlines impromtu arms. The unsolved case of the missing Beaumont children was vastly. I've shadowed something big needed to happen to prevent the case from fading into obscurity. Jim and Nancy Beaumont had already been approached by many self-proclaimed spiritualists who claimed to know the whereabouts of their children. One such spiritualist claimed to have recited division of the children buried in a grave at the bottom of a cliff in the bait Saad suburb of marina, non Columba's, south from Gano. His permission Comtois sparked a police search of the suspected saw but nothing was found. In a bid to help solve the mystery and employees of South Australian newspaper the ad Vittorio. Roy a leda to find Dutch player Voyin Girod Creuset asking the he's assistance to help like the missing children. Creuset who claimed to have started receiving Sarkic missions during his lessons had owned a reputation in the Netherlands. I is thing police in solving murders and missing curse cases. He's fame had spread throughout Europe into the United States. And he's hope was sorting many high profile criminal cases. From his home in Holland Creuset responded to the newspaper, employee's leda styding. Hey believed the Beaumont children had been involved in a tragic accident unrelated to fail ply. He said they could have been playing innocently when something around them collapsed causing them to lose a battle against sand or water. For his visions revealed. The children's bodies were lying on a stretch of I've been land not too far from the sea about half a mile from where thou law saying, hey, requested to be sent photographs of Glen again that surrounds in order to determine exactly where the Beaumont children were like I did. Curry's interest in the by on children was the fresh group needed to bring the case back into the media spotlight. Would of course, it's vision was quickly published by the Vata with several other publications reaching out to the Dutch soggy and printing Dera Tyke on the story. The new media attention renewed public interest with many members of the public flogging caves and Talas throughout glencoe and neighbouring caused the Larry's to search Jane honor grant based Puglio crow sets would. Upon Reseda photographs and further information Croix zits, visions, became more, vivid. He described saying that's rate children's bodies lying in a cave knee, rox on the beach with scrubland and to square house to the rot handsaw and shows or Caro Rafe in the distance. South. Australian citizens believed to Gerard Creuset had identified the Minta home in Broughton a residential support and education facility for the intellectually disabled. Minta home was like I did on the coast three Columbus sale on the bones property. The media quickly entertained theories that the perpetrator could have been a patient that Minta home who off the kidnapping and killing the Beaumont children buried them on the foreshore in front of the Mindy grounds. From his home in Holland Creuset advised that allied citizens they were on the right track. And encourage them to keep digging front end light is brought into Mundus coastal boundary to remove tons of sand and soil, but the excavation revealed nothing and the Dc became a public.

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