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Welcome to body cons a collection of conversations about bodies. I'm Lottie Story Writer Training Counselor and Psychology Geek and I'm Molly Forbes Brewed Kosta campaign and body image influence <music> <music> <music> welcome this week's episode is one for the boys we are chatting about body image and boys the things your teenage son needs to hear a mental health from a male perspective. That's it with Naked Beach Ause Benowitz Anton Richer Bannon don a my powells and they are just most lovely human beings and all the way that they are opening up a conversation action and making accidents for guys took about these things Dan we talk about what took place in the interview but his background within the army and Ben his background was not welcome construction sites. They all not your typical lad brad kind of thing but they all just say I pin about talking the important surprising I think because that was the first time that I'd met them was the day that we went to you know they both come from worlds that could be really sort of toxically toxically looks sickly masculine yeah like yeah so it was it was it was an eye-opener it was and I think they subject is holly something that I've wanted to talk about for wall. I haven't known how to get into it because I have no experience. I have no lived experiences that word that we always had I have not lived experience of this subject ecosystem. I've got a sister raising two daughters. I've got two guys who to a friends and I'm oversee a married to guy but I don't know how to break subject. I know from walking naked beach that this is definitely a subject that affects body image issues that guys as well as goes house. It's not just a female problem and mental health issues. A fact man is what women we know this by didn't know how to break it so this is a really beautiful compensation. I'm excited to share it with you later in this episode.

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