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P five hundred down three NASDAQ down five gold is twelve thirty one. An ounce and. Oil is seventy a barrel Southland weather from KFI mostly clear tonight lows in the sixties around seventy sunny tomorrow temps eighties nineties a little warmer on Sunday and then things start to really. Heat up on Monday we're back to triple digits in some places right now seventy nine in Newport Beach it's eighty two in Tustin seventy-five. Gardena and. Eighty three in Calabasas we lead local live from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom I'm Debra Mark As. The John and Ken show John kobylt Ken chiampou KFI AM six forty. Welcome everybody, welcome Well I'll tell you what we're starting to show off, with the big story a story, that really should be front page news. In El Segundo times but doesn't appear to be. No we got it from a few listers looks like channel to CBS has done. A story we're going to bring on an Israeli born business by the. Name of Asher Shalom Asher Shalom owns Asher cafe and lounge just opened, up in Boyle heights, now the last time we talked about Boyle heights because I remember this they were protesting gentrification which is when people with money by buildings in the neighborhood and upgrade the buildings and people with no money get really, upset. About. That They were protesting I think it was a coffee shop and there was some sort of a museum Kind of. The idea that this is not reflecting, what the neighborhood should be I mean yeah Yeah To get to, wealthy which means it's going to push people. Out that's the no neighborhoods stays static. Forever As, channel, two points out Boyle heights this was traditionally Jewish, neighborhood years ago and then became predominantly Latino well they they have Asher Shalom and, his cafe and lounge. And he supports. Trump's immigration policies led to a, backlash protests and feces they, have apparently they hurled feces so we're gonna we're gonna talk to, Asher Shalom get the whole story owner the. Ayrshire cafe and lounge in Boyle heights Mr. Shalom Buckner John and Ken show Good morning Yes how are? You today Amazing thank you Why did you move into this district to. Begin with You. Have to come in and see where is our office I'm About, five six. Years Fabrics and affected with seventy people that's working for me and in, the cross today book. Let's make something? Nice was it, community so My business is. Over twenty eight? Years We have manufacturing fabrics The Olympic in Brazil all the fabrics. Over draft for him I myself immigrants from Israel so all the people that are working for. Me ninety eight emigrant I don't have any problem with immigrant I don't know What was on. My Facebook I re- post something from from a lot of amazing things for this one and eighteen that. Was a mistake I my main things is that they..

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