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They've had a connection, they've got a friendship of sorts, and they do care about each other in a way as best as each can. I guess. And again, Batman Harley, Quinn. We got to see you know how their relationship was because even Harley Quinn, you know, new, hey, you know, I've e- what you're doing is just it's wrong. You're trying to like, you know, permits destroy the world and I'm sorry, I live in the world, not okay with this. So we got to see that. And I will say this, like, you know, hearing Kili, CoCo do point Harley Quinn. I like how it sounds, and you can definitely, you can tell just even this little clip you can in this little tease, you can tell that, you know her energy is really, really high, which. Harley Quinn usually should be Harley Quinn. You should have a lot of energy into, like kinda has a really good outlook on life. Even things are bleak, even things seem bad, even things seem hopeless. She's going to percents, like outta work out, you know, and is really excited about it. And this it's shown in recent interational actually read another graphic novel that was called, what was it called? It was called Justice league no Justice where she was the same way like it was a very dire situation where the universe was endangering. She was again, like, you know, a comic relief is sorts, but also kind of like, you know, the shining light in the bleak in the bleakness of the situation. So that's kinda hard Quinn has become lately, of course, that's remembered to that from her original costume, Batman, the as series. Her costume has changed from the new fifty two series that if you don't know, that happened with the whole flashpoint paradox, which is a situation that happened with Barry Allen in the comics that pretty much changed everything by. Decision he made and if you wanna see a really good example of that, you know, of course see that on the flash series and is also an end and movie that they did a DC movie called the flashpoint perks. You can see like, you know the severity of what he did there, and he didn't think, you know he had good intentions, but it really had dire reprecussions for the c. you know universe as whole afterwards. It just did so. Yeah. So it changes us. She looks and in suicide squad show that so that she looked very different and wasn't the character she was played by Margot Robbie. So yeah, overall, I think it's going to be a good show. I'm excited for it. I definitely want to see more like to see a bit learn a bit more about the show, like is it going to be heard and Harley Quinn? It's going to be her in the suicide squad is going to be just her on her own. I mean, is she still in Arkham as she had to Arkham? I'd like to know these things. I'm definitely wanna know more, but it's a good little window into the show. And into what it's going to see where it's going to go and where it's going to be. So yeah, I'm looking forward to it. There is no release date yet into those nineteen minutes coming into those nineteen. That's all that's known at this point. But yeah, I'm, I'm excited. I I definitely like, you know, wanna know more, but I think it's going to be cool. And I think that Kelly cocoa for this interational Holly Quin they're doing, it's going to be a good call. It's going to be a good choice. So yeah, so that's all I have to say about that this moment. And of course be sure to keep your Hiba in future pursuits. When I when I learned more let you guys know more. So we're gonna take another short little break and we'll be back in a little bit. Football is my train for Spencer jeans complaint from me, Beverly Hills. The whole game is about to change. Now belonging, this is your way out from executive producer. Greg Berlanti comes the new show, inspired by the incredible true story. Mash you play for something bigger now because when you do, you'll be unstoppable. All American series premiere right after the season premiere of Riverdale tonight on the CW. It all starts at eight PM Riverdale followed by all American only on DC w fifty Washington CW football as much rain for Spencer James complaint from me, Beverly Hills. The whole game is about to change. Now belonging, this is your way out from executive producer. Greg.

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