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Day it's called feed? What are you doing all day some reacting shops working on other thank DJ? I appreciate that thank you that it was going. It was good. You get a good job. Good job thanks. James James Jones is fired up outrage about this lack of sound I mean anybody with a fucking brain in their head would be. It's I'm perplexed by very very shocked. I don't get it I don't get it. We'll get to the call. Some more calls here in a second first Milton's again. Milton's I'll tell you that big. Where'd you clearance sale? Going on right now are great friends. Milton's every single suit sport cope laser in Tuxedo in the store is on sale ALTIMA put most popular brands like Michael. kors Calvin Calvin Klein Ralph Lauren even Hugo boss. And they're all on sale. You know if Steve had been like next to fucking Zapruder that day in Dallas Had that footage he would have been like. Oh Yeah I got the footage of the with the balloon. You guys wanted to see that you wanted to see the other day. I didn't think presidents I saw you know I saw guy interacting with a cop well as cream truck as the thing. Everyone knows the president was shot. Yeah everyone ask. What am I going to do about the president but the president told me is like to be shot on camera this? It seems to me John on camera. Why would I want to play? I thought it was a there was a lot of blood it was. No one's GONNA WANNA see the most fascinating part by far is watching that that ice cream truck go by was really good. The People's reaction. Oh look at that. They're going crazy. I thought we played a bunch of sound. The doctor talking about the press conference after got killed. That would just do that. I do have Walter Cronkite if you go on their stores either. Social Plaza braintree or Chestnut Hill Square Chestnut Hill on the shop online. GonNa Milton's DOT COM. Check out their sale CEO. Pay For the best deals..

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