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But how good that movie is came on like ten minutes too late or something everybody agrees. It's one of the best movies, the it's wild. I think that honestly, they probably didn't expect all that reaction to it. The movie probably should have come out earlier. Just don't think they had time to mount a big campaign. So it's I mean, I think it's the best Batterman movie they've ever ever made. Seven thousand Spiderman movies, we'll say even though it is the best Spiderman movie that's been made. I don't appreciate people online erasing the fact that homecoming is a very good movie and Spiderman two very good move less. Betterman? There've been a lot of bad Spiderman movies, but they've been to very amazing ones. You're not gonna hear me one Jerez KiKi Dunst ever. So don't worry about. Never rest, my Toro's Queen. Yes. We care about. Let's see whatever Gina king's gonna win. Yes. Supporting actress is interesting though, because I think I would pick personally Rachel vice just because deadpan Wednesday Addams like women, I'm always rooting for. But I m a little bit afraid there's a path for Amy Adams to win because another situation of she's on her six nomination it becomes uncomfortable. When people don't win after a certain amount of time, and nobody dislikes Amy Adams. But also, I don't think anyone is thinking about her. No. I mean, if I had to rank the performance in that category Amy would be fifth because she gets the least to do do you want to know what I think is going to happen to hold the Oscars hostage. Yes. And then after that, I think it's going to be the the green book makeup. It's going to be like we we're giving into green book. So you have to give it to a black person for like a movie, that's actually good. I feel like it's I've ilk supporting actresses the one where they'll give it to like black people or it'll be like here, you can have this one rested as as whatever else, you know, officers are going to be wild. Also, wait, we have to point out that. Yeah. Lisa. A CO is the first indigenous woman to ever be nominated for best actress. And also there was just a video of her online learning about the nomination girl. Fucking cried she likes screamed. Yeah. I mean, I love that. Also crazy that it is twenty nineteen again. And that fucking record is being set, by the way. Didn't win Marlon Brando was going to send it to the Oscars. Anyway. Mark Blankenship pointed out, Regina king. The second two two seven cast member to be nominated for an Oscar because in sounder Richard Whitmore who's on the last season of two seven with for supporting actor take that tell your kids the love it sounded it was a great movie, you'd think Cecily Tyson bad. No, she's great. How do we get jacket? I don't think it's that hard. I asked her once I was like if you could play any role in history. Would you play? She said leontyne price. I was like you should make this half. Yeah. Yeah. I'm already worried about the Oscars. This feels ominous. No one there's no one hosting like, it's I don't know. What's gonna ghost is host? We'll have plenty of concept to talk about all month. All right when we're back. The Super Bowl. Yeah. Ace in it..

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