William Barr, Jeffrey, Murder discussed on Orlando's Morning News


Out more at AM Joel fence dot com that's eight AM Joe fence dot com now the three things you need to three this morning the trump administration implements new rules that would deny green cards for permanent resident status to legal immigrants who receive public assistance like Medicaid food stamps or housing vouchers the T. L. D. R. come here to use our generosity and will likely not let you be an American citizen Attorney General William Barr says he's appalled angry that Jeffrey up sting was able to commit suicide while in a federal jail cell in New York bar has no vowed to find out what happened one grant a model will never know the feeling of freedom again the Seminole county man convicted of triple murder in the death of his brother mother and father has now been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole Orlando's most frequent traffic because it's important to know what's going on up there every six minutes in the morning yeah they give you an alternate route they tell you exactly what you can do to get you around the slow down to work on time I get my information driving back and forth this is Orlando's morning news with Joe Kelly news ninety six point five W. DPO good morning I'm Marsha dealer in memory computer presidential candidate Tulsi go bart is stepping off the campaign trail she's reporting for active duty in Indonesia with the National Guard the thirty eight year old is a major in the whole wide Army National Guard served in Iraq in two thousand four now her unit will participate in training.

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