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Were getting him ready for Scalzo. They did not have enough time to get him ready for John J. With the runner going, and John J. Trying to put the ball in. Play on the swing is bad hit Smith. Two on the pitch freeze takes up on and ball 33 and a You got to take a strike here, David freeze even if you have the ability with one swing of the bat to go deep Well, if Withrow has the same mindset he had with Lance Lynn when the count became three and two. I can't walk this guy. We'll see if he can throw a strike here. He does not want to walk. David freeze. Now. The pitch there's a strike on inside corner Freeze took a step toward first base, and that was a generous goal. George Kissel always used to say whatever you get. You know you're gonna get it three and one. You're gonna get it 32 So why rough? Three balls and a strength. Let's see a freeze. Get something that comes out over the plate here pitched inside for strike One will throw from the belt brings it into David Freeze, a swing and a ground ball of the third baseman out of second last two innings. The Cardinals have squandered scoring opportunities. Go. The bottom of the sixth Red birds are clinging to a 32 lead in Game four of the National League Championship Series. I'm Whitey Herzog. If you want a career with a future, consider joining one of the finest apprenticeship programs in the country got out of college. My career choices were very limited in this provided me with a plan for present and future at the same time, like working hands, my life leaving and seeing exactly what I accomplish that day have a bachelor's degree in psychology and.

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