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A lot of entertainment value. I know that there were brands that were starting to kind of figure it out because then also you've got technology like shockwave and real player that we're starting to bring media into this space. It's funny. When I do presentations, I have the slide and it shows, I think it's like a Pepsi world from 1999. And it shows the full matrix the experience, but then it has something on the bottom that's like to take the slow lane if you have less than a 56.6 modem or something like that. Take the slow lane and people were like, what does that mean? Because everything now is like the fast lane we broadband and stuff, but the Internet was just such an interesting place and companies were really trying to figure out how can I be a part of it in some sort of way? Oh, for sure. And I think that's where you started to see this, the birth of different kind of digital companies. A lot of them were really driven by who was actually footing the bill because you'd have kind of the very technical consultancies that we engage with the CIO or the CTO. And then you'd have like the advertising, the traditional advertising agencies that might be engaging with the CMO and as a result, you know, you started to see your usual suspects start to move into digital advertising and experience of the very minimal level. And then you also had kind of the C suite, you know, the CEO and the chief strategy officer who might be engaging with a consultancy like McKinsey or a BCG or a vein, and then starting to come into digital trying to determine, okay, with strategically, where's the value that digital can bring? And I think that's where you started to see this morphing of companies into kind of this patchwork of different types of digital entities that were all trying to figure out what's the right way to come at digital at that time. It was a really, really dynamic time to be watching it all kind of emerging unfold. Yeah, 'cause things just changed so quickly. And so your point, like you said, there were a lot of people really just trying to figure it out. This is something completely new. In a very nascent field, nobody is quote unquote an expert on it yet. Everyone's just trying to figure it out. Absolutely. So you've had such a storied career here in Atlanta. I'm not gonna go through all of the experiences, but I will list them out so people can get a sense of like, I'm gonna unfurl the scrolls so people can see what your pedigree is. So no, no, no, no. You've mentioned IBM. We talked about ixl, but you were at interland. You were at UPS, razorfish, sapien nitro, her styles, and then of course earlier we mentioned AK QA and bright House, when you look back.

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