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Isn't that thing but every little individual group for ohio state have their break down and it seemed as if it wasn't rehearsed it was just a natural reaction by everybody to do the exact same thing in erez is so much confidence losing out of every huddle jt berretta they broke down to huddles urban mayer broke down the punt team at one point on my plan this aim is all ready to roll in wisconsin male game for them matt liner looking quarterback throne of tibo he looked like he looked like online or what the arm of people so for that is what he look like but i've i learned to love them because he made some big time completions nominees but i don't know how you watch at all year of your was god's affair alvin toffler watch but goddamn turfed i came out made a play alternative hitter still returf semi turfs he's been allowed he was like what the nationals in some other teams and he had seventy thousand people at first brewing him at first the reaction inside the stadium was like get off the field falko and then they realize like how he literally can't and then everybody's like why is nobody helping the stood there has to be another person that can move rubber pellets so me with a stamp comes your shovel even maybe like one of them fucking curling russ lap what the show like the fucking curling the raked thing yeah and then we all cheered form as he was closing up to the end and it was like it was a real team thing that happened that guy he was on national tv i think they're assuming they had the same exact reactions is us i get i get this guy off the fuck it tv that it's like not a bad job fella not a bad job for yourself and then he saved the game thank god he didn't call in sick he ran out there one other time afterwards i don't know if it made it on tv so he ran out again and he did one final like a shadow the over yellow checkup because that's a big deal somebody gets hurt their losses who can you get.

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