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And informative talk radio 77 w A. B. C. Well, calm unfolded on the restaurant into a dining. We're going to talk about God. And remember when he said. Not only will I not raise the taxes on the rich, I will chase them wherever they are trying when I heard him and come back and look for them well now, under the threat that they may not be the federal bailout dollars, said Cuomo needs He has said. If I don't get those federal bailout dollars on raising taxes on the rich Well, here we go. The exodus and where do you think they're being enticed now, while they're going Teo, the Caribbean because Caribbean certain Caribbean islands are basically welcoming them, giving them citizenship. Not just rich Americans, either just people who apply and who get jobs down there. They're they're offering jobs in citizenship. Like being an adviser for citizenship. Realestate development government agencies. You could go down there and live the life Riley and running tax shelters for others. Perhaps that too, and offshore gambling operations. I'm sure that Brian Manga Lucci's dabbled in the Cayman Islands. Yeah, I mean, with all the money that he likes to move around, I know you just see him in there. Counting. Let me Let me just preface this by saying, I know that a lot of the boards of tourism and trading will be reaching out to some of our listeners from the West Indies and Caribbean. You do not want to go to Jamaica. Too much high crime. You do not want to go to ST Kitts and Nevis cry Crawl. What about Barbados? Trinidad above training ahead? No Barbados. Ah! You don't want to go to Puerto Rico. You don't want to go to deal. Tell you where you want to go. You want to go to Europe or Antigua? Some of the other store island? Yeah. Beautiful places. Those don't have the history that no other European countries. Boy, you talk about quality life till about laying out on the beach. Not my thing, though. I don't think my thing is sipping whiner Aperol spritz is and you know speaking Italian, But there is some good news. Remember, we've talked about this airbridge concept. It looks like it's going to become more of a reality today. Actually, the US announced that they're going to stop requiring flights that are coming in from overseas. The ones that were actually letting in. They're going to stop them Having to be routed through these 15 approved US airports, you know so like right now, my My sister in law, who's in Israel with my niece on the way back to Miami. They have to stop in Newark because that's one of the 15 approved. Airport's well that stops today, so that's really cool. But you know, the reason that they're doing this is because they're realizing Look, you can come into this country and not be presenting any symptoms You can be. You know, you can get your little Ah, your little Ah, fever check and you might not have it, but you still might actually be infected so They're saying, you know, we're just trying to look at the places that have loco vid rates and we're going to potentially be working with them. Which is amazing news. So that means there is the potential jetshead Juliet at you and your heavy metal rock star husband, Johnny Boy, Yes, may soon be on a flight. They're somewhere in Europe. The second this is approved. I told my husband and if you're not going to be on the plane, I will. All right now I know your preferences Italy. But give me let's just say Italy may be off the radar screen because they're so up and down. So up and down there with the cove it Yes, yes. Would Croatia? Yes, Absolutely. Well, they're already letting people in there letting American Montenegro Montenegro I like very much. Yes, Couture Montana. Beautiful, beautiful place, But in the winter, you know the fall months or Are very nice. I would say I'd go more of Ah, probably parents in London, but I know if what one Siri, What are those devices that you say Elections? Kerry. Hey, go all of a sudden Because of this conversation, you start getting bombarded with e mails from the Tourism board in Croatia in Montenegro already do or you can be. I mean, this is all I do all my my train ride home, constantly looking, who's letting us in Who's letting us in? But how can my scam my way over there? What about England? Yes, 100%. That's with us The but they were up and down in England like Italy there up and down. One minute. They're doing well next minute. They're not doing so well well, it's certain areas. Of the United Kingdom that they're letting you come in. So if if it's your having a spike, but they're doing pretty well there. They're all doing pretty well. You may have to. Ah, land in Manchester probably would be flying to Heathrow and we were staying in London for a few days, perhaps driving out to the castle, as Barack Obama said during his campaign. Keep hope alive, right? That's right, baby. It's gonna happen by the end of this month. By my birthday. I'm telling you, I feel it up next. I looked at the video of coma last night having to capitulate on indoor dining, and it was like it was the most painful experience that I've ever seen a politician have to endure. It's almost like he was passing kidney stones when he was announcing the Yes, he would allow 25% indoor dining by September 30th and you'll have to break it down to it What that means for and everyone within the five boroughs 77 degrees cloudy. I'm Sara Lee Kessler and now what's trending on 77 W A. B, C and w.

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