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To Arizona in the past nine days following today's events. The president flies to Florida tonight. For campaign rallies tomorrow in the Southeast. White House correspondent Greg Clocks and residents of the storm pummeled Gulf Coast are bracing themselves for yet another tropical weather strike as tropical Storm Zeta took aim at southeast Louisiana. National Hurricane Center specialist Robbie Berg says Zana is expected to be a hurricane when it makes landfall in the U. S. You have working the mornings up for much of southeastern Louisiana and off the coast of Mississippi? So there could be you know very well that a weakening before reaches the coastline. We are still expecting it in maintaining hurricane strength. By the time it reaches the coastline in New Orleans. Their concerns about the low lying cities. Antiquated drainage pump system facing extreme wildfire conditions in California, Orange County Fire Authority captain Mike Critchfield. His powerful winds are spreading wildfires and hampering efforts to fight the blaze is most is fire is that the wind is the biggest problem so Mother Nature controls out, so we just try to do what we can do what controls on dictates What happens, mostly fires bang utility in Northern California cut power to nearly one million people. The L. A Dodgers are champions of the cove in baseball world after defeating Tab, a 31 win the World Series and six games. It's their first championship since 1988 more of these stories of town hall icon Balance of nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one life at a time. I loved. His product is fantastic from polio survivors, and I'm a microbiologist on Guy Teach Margaret Wilde in college on one of the problems with post polio syndrome, and I researcher is fatigue. I have no fatigue because of Brown's in nature. You can tell Dr Howard I'm still teaching and I may be a tool and the only reason I get up in the morning, get into a car and with one good leg, drive 40 50 morals to school and come back. 33 days a week is the course of bounce in it. Get a wide variety of all your daily recommended servings of whole fruits and vegetables.

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