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Thank you for your meal. Yes, a native great to have you one consider where we are in the country and what's going on and they? I I just want you to respond to. The drew brees comments. He's got a lot of pushback. People just feel like you know it's. It's the same smokescreen narrative about the flag and about kneeling. What did you think of his comments? Well you know I mean I. I grew drew, drew brees. A good guy trees, a good person. JEWELRIES has done a lot for the community a lot for the city New Orleans. Great respect to the military, and has a great respect for you know for for his teammates as far as I know, right I mean and said. In in this time, especially as a as a white man. We come to a point where you know more and more. And now more than ever, we really need to just to just listen you know and when somebody asks us a question like that and and maybe. Hoping or exciting to get us out there you know expecting to get a sound bite or something to to be able to news and put out on the airwaves, elicit responses and continues to divide us like the media often does no offence You know that that was. That was an opportunity to to maybe go another way with it, but. You know it's the way he feels. I respect his feelings on that and I understand that a lot of people that serve in the military, the feel, the same way but you know it also hurt a lot of people and also upset a lot of people, and it seemed a bit tone deaf to a lot of people considering everything. That's going on this this week. Especially you know and and to me. At the end of the day being. New protesting during the national anthem during that song during that time, was always about. How how much of a response we would get people get. seen that happen at that moment. You know less about the song itself. less about not about the military. You know because for me I get it I. Stand with pride every time. I hear that song man and I feel the same way drew is talking about I feel those same things, but not everybody feels that not everybody feels that, and it's not. It's not their responsibility to just feel that because you know. We were in the military and we this. This country's so everybody needs to go that think of respect. They don't feel like they count the same way I would never want somebody standing putting their hand on heart, saluting the flag out of obligation. You know that's not the kind of country I wanNA live in. That's not what I thought for. I want people to feel the same way that I do. They don't gotta fight until they do. Need with US rob, Parker and Fred Roggin for Chris Russo Today on the couple of Fox sports radio. Nate, but here's the problem and I think you just summed it up. Things become so confused and convoluted. When people don't stay on point, I mean this is a major issue. This country's dealing with right now. And there's no unseen. What was seen and this is a time for people to be aware, and even a comment like drew brees made perhaps by pointing that out. He becomes more wear because nate. That's been the problem. People just aren't aware. They have not walked in someone else's shoes. Yeah. No, you're absolutely right with. It, you know a lot of things that are said and even a Lotta honestly. Even a lot of the and I'm one of these people that you know. I posted posted A. Black screen on my social media yesterday and I know drew did too and I know a lot of people. And I think a lot of people did that out of obligation. You know what I mean and did that a feeling like the sense of like well. I did something now I'm you know I I did my part. I'm supporting the cars and it's like. Do you even really know what's happening you why? This is happening beyond just? Seen this last week you know I'm beyond just you know those names that that are that are commonly used from the George. Slow to the Trayvon Martin's to the tender blends to Emmett till to all these dry. It's so much more than that so much more notches. Police brutality so much more than that than that and I'm trying to learn as much as I. can you know I have a long? Time to learn to I absolutely not a subject matter expert in any way. They. Do you feel like you know? Column was sitting, and if people remember how singly started, he had sat on the bench during the national at for couple of games until Steve Weisser reporter from the NFL network noticed him, and said Hey, what are you doing and that's how we found out about the police brutality protests, and then you Tokala. It would be better. Better for him to kneel rather than sit, and when you see all this pushback from people, you're a veteran. You gave him some advice. He followed your advice because he thought he's not here to disrespect the military and he's listening to a military man. What do you think about people who push back on him despite him listening to a guy from the military? Yeah well I think it's important to people to understand that calling me south to me. I call and called me and asked if I would meet with a massive I. Would you know have a conversation with him? Wanting to hear what I thought what I felt and you know. He wanted to make sure that he wasn't offended people in the military and told him. Call no matter what you do, you're GONNA send people. You can't do anything in this world without without offending people. You Never GonNa. Please everybody. There's just there's just no way. He knew that I think he knew that, but I said no matter what you know, even if you stay with your hand on your heart now, people are GonNa be. Offended that. Are Proud of what you're doing and and speaking out on are going to say well. How come you're coming? You're talking. You're tail now and and moving away from it so. We sat down. We talked we had you know pretty in depth conversation about everything going on his feelings of my feelings and his experiences and my experiences in through that conversation He asked me if there was another way besides sitting on the bench that I thought he could protest. It wouldn't offend people in the military like I said I said there's. No Way, you won't offend some people but I think. If you if you released alongside your teammates, that would be a big step, and the only way I can see doing that with outstanding because you committed to. Not Standing, people understand that. The only other way I could see you doing that. Be taken a knee and I don't see disrespectful I don't speak for the military I'll speak for anybody but myself but I think it would be harder for people to find that disrespectful because people take need a prey to propose to their wives It's just never been a symbol of disrespect to my knowledge. And he agreed, and he said that would be more powerful, and that's when he did that very same night on the field in San Diego. What did you think or Whoa? How did you feel? When? You saw the backlash he received. I knew he would receive it. I received it to not nearly at the Level I'm sure Colin did, but I definitely see the two. People I served with I was called various things a disgrace to the green beret. you know even today I had somebody. We chat from my unit that. Upset that I use the special forces motto, sometimes when I when I write things when I say things and Tomato is day oppressively bear, which means to free the oppressed. And they're upset about that like you. Don't speak for a unit, so I get it. And I'm sorry I apologize to everybody now. I'm not intending to hurt anybody anyway. but I I was surprised at the backlash now. Now three and a half later and just works social media is and what it does to people what it does to our country. I'm not surprised at all in way less surprising now because it just. Leads to so much it's. It's tough now naked. We just can't we acknowledge. As we saw. The murder of George Floyd at the hands of police on the streets of Minneapolis..

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