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Did there was still time to get a monkey man? Yeah, but you know that ten year timeframe ran out, but yeah, so I was twenty five, and I looked at the sheet, and like well. I guess I'd better learn how to swim and. So I had no bike I had never wrote a road bike before, and so I bought a you know I'm in Grad. School at the time bought one off of Ebay and yeah I mean. I swam a little bit as a kid? You know nothing, super, competitive or anything like that, but I knew the basics, but my first goal was to be able to swim five hundred ninety two point four miles right. So it was really starting from scratch on the. On the swim in the bike, and the Nice thing was is this was when I was up? working on my master's in. Pretty much alone and didn't know anybody up there at the time, and so I had nothing but time. To me, this is where it turns into really fascinating to me because growing up swimming, I know. There's an element of if you didn't grow up doing it your way behind the power curve, I think swimming is is one of those that is near the top or at the top of the list for that being applicable. So for you to to. Basically you're sounds like your experience in terms of swimming, as you could keep yourself from drowning pretty much, you know, and now getting to the point where you're winning North American national, or you know. Continent Championships where you've got swim to almost two and a half miles. That's fucking remarkable to me. Yeah what's called adult onset swimming syndrome. There's a name for it and triathlon, and it's easy to pick us out Yeah, it's definitely where I've had to put the most amount of work in especially early in my career and you know. Thankfully I ran into a guy when I raced ironman. Texas the first time afterwards US talking to me, I started way in the back out of the water and worked my way up as age grouper in ended up by thinks second, amateur, overall in the race and. He talked me afterwards like you'd be faster if you fix your swim. Blunt like that you know, and so I ended up started working with him. Tim Floyd down in the woodland's and swam with You know with his guidance and. Go over Christmas break. I'll go down there and we'd swim two three times a day for about an hour and fifteen minutes, and that's. I did that for two years, and that's when I kind of got to the point where I was able to sit in the pack. For me in again, having grown up swimming So, there's everything has technique, but there's there's so many nuances in swimming with stroke efficiency in your ability to move water and the whole pressing your buoy staying flat type of approach in mechanics that go into. Being a truly proficient world class level swimmer meaning. There's got to be you know a fair fair amount of genetics play a role in that too because. Like American. Idol like there's a lot of people that you just can't fuck and sings we. You know it's kind way with with women. Fuck with all sports for that matter, but swimming especially again because it's so technical, you know again just a I think it's..

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