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On vacation the rest of the week. There's two days left in the week. So Scott Waris. Hey, That's me. I've got you until 12 o'clock. That's when Jeff Wagner takes over. We continue to monitor what is happening there in Surfside, Florida. The images are Almost undescribable. Although I would say they're similar to images we have seen in other Tragedies where buildings have gone down. Either because of nefarious Reasons. Oklahoma City. World Trade Center. Things like that, and you can't help But see those images and you flash back to those now we don't know what happened here, but It is, uh It's really disconcerting, and that's probably too light a term. Uneasy. I said it gives me the willies to think of people that are trapped in that rubble right now, as I sit here and talk to you as you sit here and listen to the radio. And that people are fighting for their lives in that rubble. It's um Um so we'll continue to give updates throughout the morning as we learn more here on W. T. M. J As I said, I'm here till 12 o'clock today of We'll get to our Alfonso Morales update. We're getting it. This is for Morales situation. This is, uh, this is getting interesting. Things just got real interesting big hearing today. We'll get into that a little bit later on. This is not the biggest story. This is not the most important thing by any stretch of the imagination that you're going to be talking about today or have been told today. I thought about this at length. Maybe more than I should have. I don't I don't care. If there's no tuna in subways, tuna sandwiches. I don't Hear me out. And I realized when you call a sandwich, a tuna sandwich, and there's no tuna in it, at least according to some tests, some DNA testing they've done on these sandwiches. Yeah. I don't care. Because it tastes good. Now Maybe there's some of you going. Yeah, Scott, it's tuna. Nobody likes tuna tuna salad on a sandwich. That's this guy. I realize I'm in the minority when it comes to Go and do a particular sandwich shop, whether it's subway or any of the other ones, and I am one of the guys that orders the tuna salad, and I know I know that means that can be a bit of a smell associated with the sandwich while I'm consuming it. I don't care. I don't I like tuna salad sandwiches, sometimes. So that said, I feel like I should be more upset about this, but I'm really not. Tests recently done by a commercial lab. Have proved that no identifiable tuna DNA was found in subways sandwiches. This is a report by The New York Times the newspaper had 60 inches of tuna sandwiches. From three different subway locations in Los Angeles tested Be removed the tuna Frozen and sent it to an unidentified commercial food testing lab. As the chain faces a lawsuit. Remember, this is a lawsuit that was filed in California, alleging the ingredient called Tuna actually contains no tuna at all. The results. No amplifier. Double tuna DNA was present in the sample. And so we obtained no amplification products from the DNA is a lot of scientific jargon here. Therefore, we cannot identify the species. Now, if you are a sandwich company, or if you are any Food. Uh, company here Fast Food restaurant. If you serve people food Mhm. If they test that food, and it comes back by saying, we cannot identify the species. That's not a good phrase you want associated with your food. The lab, says one. It's so heavily process that whatever we could pull out, we could not make an identification. Or we got some, and there's just nothing there. That's tuna. And subway is denying the allegations. There is no truth whatsoever. We deliver 100% cooked tuna to our restaurants. Look I realized that there is a situation In terms of false advertising. I'm kind of interested to see how this story plays out. But I really don't care. It tastes good. And if it tastes good, I'm going to eat it. And I like tuna salad. I like tuna salad sandwiches from subway. I've had tuna sandwiches from subway. I've inspected it. I looked in there and go. Well, it looks greyish mushy. I don't care. It tastes good, by the way. There are other foods. I suppose that That may not look good. But they taste good. And I know that's not exactly the same thing. Um, sardines. I didn't intend to stay in the aquatic food were realm, but nonetheless. Sardines look disgusting. But my dad loves sardines, Fileted sardines. Um, I used to not like tomatoes. Tomatoes like a raw tomato cut a rotten tomato and half look at the inside of that thing doesn't look good at all. But I'll eat it. It's tasty. I said, it's not the most important thing you're going to see all day. However. You know, subway dealing with some issues right now, right? And they have for years. What is it about Subway Of course, there was the controversy over their foot long, not really being a foot long. Remember, they faced legal battles regarding the authenticity of their foot long sub Now they're fighting the is it Tuna? Is it not tuna? Right? And then, of course, the Jared Fogle. Such Jared was subway, right? Yeah, he was subway. Jared Fogel's controversy was on a different level. I understand that, but if you're subway, you can't get out of your own way. You keep some way needs a break. Somebody needs to break somebody mentioned. Um Truffles. I have never had truffles before. But if you look at truffles They don't They're not exactly the most appetizing thing, which also Kind of going off here a little bit from subway, but You ever think about how those foods were initially consumed? I mean, at some point in the history of the world. Let's take truffles, for example, at some point in the history of the world..

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