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Pregnancies increasing because we are also likely to see restrictions on contraception care in the very same states that are banning abortion. Jessica waters, the dean of undergraduate education, advice provost for academic student services at American university and a conversation with Hillary and Shawn. You are listening to 103.5 FM a WTO dot com. Sports at 15 and 45 on WTO P. One 45 sports time indeed Saturday morning. Let's check in now, once again with Steve. We'll start with baseball, then nationals on the road in Arlington, Texas Friday night, they down the rangers two to one pretty good night for Josh Bill going three for four, and after the game on Madison, skipper Davy Martinez on a very productive night for Josh bell. He had a great night. He's been consistent for us all year long. Well, you know, we always talk about how well he's hitting. But he's even playing. He playing good defense force, which is awesome. So the weekend series continues later on today of four O 5 star Josiah gray will get this start on the mound for the net. Over to the American League, del Orioles won their third straight day down the White Sox four to one. Honda game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals and it was nothing less than spectacular. Tampa Bay holding off Colorado three to two the lightning's Andre Pelant with the game winning goal at the 1338 mark of the third period, game 6 will be on Sunday Night back in Tampa and 8 o'clock face off, the avalanche still lead this series three games to two. And what a week it's been for U.S. Olympic swimmer and Bethesda native Katie ledecky Well, on Friday she won her 5th 800 meter freestyle event at the world championships in Budapest Hungary. She won it with her 5th fastest time ever just over 8 minutes and 8 seconds her fastest in four years. Steve dresner, WTO sports. Hey Steve is always one 47 Saturday morning June 25th on WTO fee. Among the top stories that WTO people were following for you this 1 a.m. hour speaking at The White House, president Joe Biden is condemning the Supreme Court ruling Friday overturning roe V wade officially calling it a tragic mistake to do this. I know so many women are now going to face an incredibly difficult situations. The 5 four court decision on Friday wipes out almost 50 years the precedent, allowing women to choose with roe V wade and the impact will be swift is 13 states have so called trigger laws in effect to immediately ban abortion once this decision is made in Virginia meantime governor Glen yankin says he now wants to ban most abortions in Virginia after 15 weeks of pregnancy. And the house has sent president Biden the most wide ranging gun safety Bill Congress has passed in decades. It aims to make it harder for young people to buy guns and keep them out of the hands of domestic abusers, among other things. Stay with WTO beat for more on these developing stories in just minutes

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