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By the way doctor. Strange or your doctor. Strange right. He's a doctor. He's in all of the darker straight. He's he is doc Dr Hoopoe. It's not the same doesn't they don't they? Don't make the connection but doctor strange's Dr Hill drank so we're flipping through your phone and you know a lot of people who's the most famous person and TV's phone right now That's a good question. Who's the most famous person? I mentioned some really good day. I'll say I'll say Alex Rodriguez only because of who is dated you soon to be marrying right. I'm going to go back to another Mount Rushmore Question. But this time for the giants who would be. Obviously he's GonNa. I'm not on the Mount Rushmore. The giants Lt Is there. Frank Gifford Wellington clearly Was a great owner. Probably Georgiana aim in In change like the feel of the team after That whole that fumble F- of Herm Edwards Fumble returned it. That's what Czanka right. I'd say those four. That's good Mount Rushmore. For the giants. Okay two more mine. Is Your Favorite Sports Movie Sports? Moving maybe the SANDLOT. It's a good one. The bad news bears what I remember watching the most allows a kid is related to some of those kids right just wanted to go be a part of something and just everybody was terrible. I so relate to that to dave last one. It he lost one. If you could give advice to a young Tiki Bar Barber for ten seconds. What would that advice wide by two young TIKI barber like a young Tiki barber like twelve or young Tiki Barber? Like eighteen will whenever you think he needs advice or give both might be an interesting a surprise you I would. I would tell Tiki Barber before he went to college. Pursue the technical career that you wanted not the NFL. Wow I often I often think about this like an audit athletes. You noticed gust because you see this with Europe. Some here former teammates they get lost and they think balls over and it's like man with doing now and I'm not lost by any stretch. I had a very full life. My wife is fantastic. My kids a grade. My careers is exactly where I wanted to be but I often think back to ninety seven when I graduated it was the dawn of the Internet like it was it was about to happen and I love I mean I can't I mean I loved it more football. I'm not joking and I often think what if I had chosen to actually go work for Oracle or Microsoft Right Not that I could have because obviously that point you're expected go the NFL. Would I have been like what would what would I be a billionaire now? What right what? What changed like country world changing technology? Could I have developed Just and I don't know like if I take that if I take him. The same work ethic made successful as an NFL player and applied it to that world. That computer design world. What would I? I knew you wouldn't you wouldn't have been squatting. Six hundred pounds now. What he thought about running around. I have athlete. Right slaps. Yeah you've just been using a lot more up here that's for sure. Yeah Yeah sometimes. I regret not using more earlier..

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