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We drilled a few wells down there. They were successful. And then the guys who did the investment so the money from the other side, not the operator. They pulled me over and I started working for them, and so they were backed by. Private Equity Shop in Boston. That had a lot of power generation technology stuff that they were investing in, but then they wanted to build an MP company, so I came in. This employee number two on that deal. We bought a bunch of assets in the Permian we bought. An asset in the San Juan and we bought to water flowed properties one in Oklahoma one in sort of in the panhandle where I went to school. And then Bought an asset in East Texas style, Texas and then the one that killed the whole thing was the platform that we bought in the Gulf, and so we we put all those together. We cleaned them up. We were operating them. Everything was going really well until the end of thirteen sort of first quarter fourteen. So this is about five years of work. And then we quickly like had a meeting starts scrambling said we've got to get rid of all these things. 'cause like this is going down the toilet very fast. And so we started the vesting everything returned some capital, and then I spent the last six months in bankruptcy court with trying to get rid of this. Platform that it toppled over and Katrina that we were trying to clean up and. So. Don't ever do a platform remediation horrible thing to be involved with especially after the. FIASCO! Of Bankruptcy Court and trying to clean up that mess kill. Yeah, and of course like I'm the guy like lowest person on the team. The one who's doing all the work behind the scenes and like you look like you can handle this so much. Just. Take care versus you let us know how it works out. Of finished up that we'll sitting on my hands. Had already been engaged with. The Sky and Austin with us, phoebe. I told him so many times. I am not going. We get banking because honestly bankers drive me freaking crazy especially with..

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