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Everybody has the right to be wrong. At least once. Every body. I'm not exactly sure could even come under this heading chewed. But. I do have to make his comment because when I first started. Doing my Tuesday nights. Quarter there in bridesburg. It was a nightmare getting to the place and a nightmare coming home. Traffic on I ninety five and I get on ninety. I ninety five get over to Benjamin Franklin bridge on ninety five north there. Right into put foot bridge where you make that connecting point. And it was just ridiculous. Just like the first three nights. I went up there. It was bumper to bumper and away of the whole stretch from there to bridge street and then bumper to bumper to her way home. In fact, I like the back page for south jersey magazine. I didn't hole aren't going. And what a nightmare that stretch of road was. And. I guess I'm about to jinx myself since I three weeks. There's been nine now. Again, I'm getting on there at around. Seven thirty seven twenty five. Getting on ninety five they come home somewhere around ten thirtyish. And I've not had a lick of traffic. The entire month of January excuse me, December this whole months so far in January nine zero. So somebody did something I don't know what it's like up there at St. vote and all that, but I ninety five between the bridge street exit and downtown actually when I'm coming home is between bridge street exit, and what women bridge has been smooth sailing. So I thought I should at least mention it since I Bates so much about it. Why it was going on? Let's say hi to Lamont on ninety four WPA Lamont. Low the mind. Sounds like he's air. But I guess you could not civil see Barry on ninety four WPA. Barry. Hey, it was gone daddy. How are you? I'm doing great good. Glad first time calling. You I have insomnia. I listen to you every night. Well, I appreciate that very much. Thank you. I got you know, what I'm sorry. Let me come back there. I don't appreciate you having insomnia. That's a curse I don't wish on anybody. It's horrible when you can't sleep and then insomnia mine tire life. It's just a curse the amount of drugs and whatnot that I take to put me down would hall an elephant in full charge. Sure. It's like a racehorse. Insomnia is a real bitch. It really is. One thing I've learned Noah, man. And I've gotten pretty good at this only go over like the last year, and I'm not exactly, you know, thirty five years old. I now no longer freak when I can't sleep. I go. Okay. I can't sleep. In fact, I'll turn on a light. Watch another television shower start another movie or go downstairs if anybody's around and chat channel a little bit. Or whatever before I go. I I started freaking out. I do the same thing. I saw freaking out. I had to do. What you I listen to the w I p or I play video games. Wow. I should learn by video game. That's the way big daddy. Do they still make pong? Long ball pack that come on the world's great. When I was single and used to spend time into jersey shore bars when I couldn't get laid. I went Mike depan. I a loser in the corner playing pong for a game called breakout. Their record my time. Downey to video games I've ever played. I sorta got. Anyway, what's on your mind tonight? Mary. Sorry. My mind's eye. You gotta be talking about Winston foles. And I was a big win fan way. Drafted him gave him so much got draft picks and. And his first year. He got thrown into the fire second year prudes MVP and then came in. Did the thing we want bras? The ring Boston bowl. So I'm torn because I know full older and Wentz is our future. But I want going forward because of this recent run. It's hard. I feel like it. I'm torn I want I feel like if foes leaves us I'm happy if he goes somewhere, but it goes to the giants or the Redskins. I can't do it t- now. Now, I completely different from you on that one first of all in a perfect world. I I wish Nick foles for staying right here. But if he's going to go somewhere on the guy who wants to go to the giants hitter Redskins. No. Yes. I think it would be great drama. Just great drama, the return of Nick falls, which would be awesome. I absolutely love it. I don't like soap operas operas be badly. I'd rather him go to a FC and do well AFC and not watch him against us. Believe me, I'm on an island with this one is well. In fact, when I originally said that about a week or two ago, I got blasted what do you mean? You went full set. But I I love drama. I do I love. Well, I don't watch soap operas, but I love that aspect of it. I I'm fine with it. I'm down with it. I'm not if I I was I want eagles and do right by Nick foles, and let him go and do his thing NBA starter somewhere else. But at the same time, I'd rather them franchise tag if they could and trade him. Actually to tell you the truth. I like Nick foles so much. I wouldn't wish the Redskins on them. Not with that owner. I want it. So I'll say not the Redskins giants still have some weapons in place for him. It's so so hard though, 'cause I what he will do so wealth and giants with Beckham and Barclay like, that's that's you know. So I hope the eagles at least the second or third round pick for Nick foles franchise tag. I mean, he agrees to it. I know it's a hard thing to do. But into my guy, I love next Boston's rang but Wentz is definitely my guy. He's the future. This eagles franchise. We took too much for him as younger. I am bored. I have I have Megan's player the best. Okay. Forty. This one is up for debate. It really is. Hold on. Okay. Hold on. I'm going to have. We're going to do this. We're going to flip a coin Mike Angelenos flipping a coin now between these two names. And he's going to type up on the board. The winner of this coin flip because. It's a tough call the end, it really is a tough tough. Call and the name is Mike is slipped. A coin and the names up on the board. Right now, you go right ahead. Well, what Montgomery eagles running back? Katie's shady's about running back home. I got Murray. Best. He wasn't even involved in the coin flip. But I do appreciate the phone. Call and Wilbert had really good career with the eagles shady's all time leading rusher. But that's not who the coin flip was between neither one of those M's. He pretty much just a admitted that McCoy's better than Montgomery, but you won't Montgomery anyway, because people don't like shady McCoy. And I know that's not what this is supposed to be back. He's supposed to be objective and look the stats and yards and whether or not the team won and all that. But he he burned a lot of bridges in this town. They've pick a random eagles game next year. You'll see more shady McCoy jerseys, and you will Wilbur Montgomery. Oh, yeah. Now, you will. I mean, you saw I think people like McCoy more than Montgomery. You can't make that leap because Wilbert plates so long ago. Was famous one was thirty nine years ago. Okay. You still played the same era as. I don't see as many to whiskey. You see as many? Schmidt Carlton hall of famers. But I bet tug McGraw. Well, interesting what's his name being in? And. He might be included in this debate. When we get around to that. But now, it was the am is neither shady McCoy or Wilbert Montgomery. Neither. This say hi to a gym on ninety four WPA. Jim. It's up in the morning. How you doing I'm doing? Well. How about you top of the morning. Good. What does it mean? By the way. Top in the morning. In the morning. What does it mean? God. What does it mean? And side is on you. Who the heck knows? I mean, I have a good morning. I think what it means. Why don't you just say good morning? Top of the morning sounds better. It does. I agree. It seems like it's a step above good morning. Jovial? Just not exactly sure what is the top in the morning. Tap in the morning. Eight o'clock seven. Never you want it to be I guess, so I guess gum or McCoy. Now the eagles now. Wow. It's not.

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