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A Ron. I'm not saying that's going to happen, but the chances increase and he's of course great believer in proponent of regime change. Is it weird to have a national security advisor in the White House who has taken money from the EMI K, the Iranian group that was once on the state tha pummeled list of banned terrorist organizations. I think it's beyond weird historically speaking General, Michael Flynn who was national security of others. If all of twenty three, twenty four days last year was considered by many in in in your weld in the foreign policy, weld of being Pabst the worst national security adviser ever appointed some now say that title should immediately betray for two dumble. Should we be looking back at general Flynn and saying, come. Combat general, olas forgiven. Sarah Sanders makes me nostalgic for the veracity of Sean Spicer. John Bolton makes me nostalgic for the good judgment of Michael Flynn, and the president makes me nostalgic for the ethical standards of Richard Nixon end collegue Yaluwa tobe gunk, yes, we'll leave. They guess I much majority of you on deconstructing to thank you. It's better hope earlier. Well, both Bolton an-and pawn peyot have been has harshly critical of the J C P away the Iran deal as has the president. If the president pulls the US out of the agreement in may. Deconstructed is a production offense. Le-let media in the intercept and is distributed by panoply. Our producer is Zach, young Lee toll Malahide is our executive producer. Al music was composed by bought war shoal, Betsy Reid is the intercepts editor in chief. I'm Mattie Huson. You can follow me on Twitter at Mandy are Huson if you have an already pleased do subscribe to the show so you can hear it every Friday Goto the intercept dot come full would slash deconstructed to subscribe from your putt costs platform of choice. And if you'll new to put casts, we've goalie info there. Please do subscribe whether you're on an ice phone or an Android ole whatever that means as pud castle, ultimately download chill device. Every time a new episodes available and you wouldn't wanna miss a new episode. If you've subscribed already, please do feel free to leave as a rating or review. It helps people find the show. Thanks so much. The Unix tweak.

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