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The nba and i look at the series very easily because you're asking me who i need to rely on in this series in order to feel good about my chances when the golden state warriors have won in this series i it has been because you've asked me to rely ally on kevin durant on draymond green and last night on steph curry those are the people that have gooey these winds those are the people that when we write the story of why the golden state warriors have gone on and had success it's because of them and on the other side on the other side you're saying that because i relied on pj tucker trevor rees for the rockets win to have career nights those guys are the thing that i can put my bets ongoing for all of a sudden this series starts to look a little easier to digest a little easier to break down and i always like to admit when someone says something better a little more flair than i can put it someone who framed this perfectly for us none other than the god himself stephen a smith the houston rockets did the worst thing imaginable it wasn't that they lost by forty it wasn't that they played soft defense even it was that they did not attack steph curry to the point where you stripped him of his confidence you let him regain his confidence hidden levin of his last thirteen shots you allowed steph curry to get hot that's the biggest mistake you cut a possibly made because now let that happen it doesn't matter what james often does it doesn't matter what c p three does we won't be talking about pj tucker trevor aretha well we're going to be talking about is the greatest shooter we have ever seen recapturing his form and then we're going to contemplate what exactly that means for the houston rockets what to go do if you're james harden a cpa three and steph curry is draining threes all over you personal last michael junior here on espn radio what you gonna do when steph curry is finally uninjured what a great time ring the bells ooh thought more joyous occasion in the royal wedding would come soon steph curry magically healthy returns home to the oracle arena and whatever sort of witchcraft they've gotten the grounds there found a way to reignite steph curry to the tournament eighteen point third quarter i'd have.

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