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Wrote on a plane with jane fonda one who speaking of jane fonda they ryden i i was on segue talking about going to korea with with muhammed ali jane fonda ted turner and riding on a private plane with mohammed ali to to north korea i was just i was just interjecting that sarah nye flew from detroit to los angeles and jane fonda was on our commercial flight she a michigan fan no i don't think so we didn't talk to her anything we we but we recognize that it was jane fonda on the flight yeah tidbit he's still seventy nine years old one of the great movie star star will break you ever flown a white with movie star dead no i haven't i knew i watched henry fonda on in a couple of movies way back he rick of all the wrestling guy like royal rumble wrestlemainia tag team ladder match you have like a favorite event or venue or any specifics about your wrestling career that really stand out to you that you really loved rather the kubrick is that what the title for becker time eight arcades i i the one that i wasn't ready to be champion that sought i was but that's because i've been wrestling guys that we're we're all really good wrestlers of the champion you travel around the world and universal the best territory had offer way i just wasn't ready to work with guys for an hour i for the first ten years is it was an hour guard right i wasn't ready to wrestle guys that had never done that and mean i i could i could pull it off but it was terrible don't they could tight lock me a year later gave it back to harley and then when i went back and gave me another year and a half to really release get my craft were the point where i was really comfortable though when i want it back in eighty three is ready to roll and i was prepared to regressing guys would have a lot of skill and then of course my retirement which was on thirty to thirty pretty cool edges is the one seventy nine dollars before that would actually pie to highlight in my life the highlight of my life is my daughter being the champ did that's that's that's true doak route or she doesn't has gone through a lot great job jimmy where we wondering h right at the show you got a tickets for rick is be as being apparent with with john and jim express yourself when you have a chance to watch your daughter and and yeah and you're in the crowd you're just a spectator how do you how do you feel about that well i figured the more you know in order to the example because people always say that we have people that parents are guilty of living vicariously through their kids you know but in i think sports is a good or i think it's awesome rewarding thing in a rural to see your kid just compete you know you're out obviously want him to win but the cmo's they're trying to hired us know that they've trained hired sweat you know put a lot of time into it and that they ended they're trying so hard to impress the parents the mom and dad brought them you know the all the three hundred miles whatever it was it get him there i think it's the most rewarding thing apparent number go through oh and then some people are gonna say graduating from college or high school but i think when you see i if your child is playing in sports it's physical or any sport i mean swimming whatever but anything that requires a lot of training and sacrifice on their part and having their parents watch them i mean that's jim you for sure know what i'm talking about i mean you don't get anywhere i don't care how if you are you don't put the time in no doubt about it and i always played better with my dad dad or mom were at the the game or the course it's fun for me as a dad to watch jim with his children he's jay here's on the staff he's coaching the running backs here at the university of michigan and the pride that jim takes in his work and then to watch atty play basketball gym little little jack is he's involved in soccer and son jimmy involved in the arts program here to university of michigan such saturday action from being able to to watch and and witness your children doing well and nowhere else you'd rather be yeah.

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