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Point. Things are pretty bad things are really bad. Overwhelmed were stress. We're stretched, so have been unimaginable. Some hospitals in the epicenter of L. A county are already diverting genial Ince's others are preparing emergency plans for rationing care. And now the Army Corps of Engineers is mobilizing to update oxygen delivery systems at hospitals in L. A. The final playoff spot in the National Football League up for grabs right now. Washington football team needs a win to advance right now in the second quarter. Washington Leads Philadelphia 10 Nothing. Also making the playoffs today. The Cleveland Browns first time since 2002 This is CBS News. Presented by Rocket mortgage when you need certainty in the home buying process with a loan that fits your life rocket can when you need an expert to help navigate the home loan process. Rocket can 903 Sunday January 3rd 2021 patchy fog tonight 38 lows in the thirties. Good evening to you are particularly, you know top local stories. We're following this hour. The city's getting ready for die hard supporters of President Donald Trump to protest the count of electoral college votes on Wednesday in Congress Mayor Muriel Bowser says officials are working together to protect residents and businesses and to keep the protests peaceful. She also wants people to stay out of downtown streets on Tuesday and Wednesday. Supporters of President Donald Trump are coming to D. C to rally in protest as Congress votes to affirm President elect Joe Biden's victory. Police are already posting signs downtown, reminding everyone that no fireworks are permitted. As we're United Methodist Church told wt O p that they have asked for more help from D C police during the protests. The church is one of two historically black churches that have black lives matter. Banners burned by members of the proud boys last month salary bonked w T O P NEWS LOUDON County Border Supervisors Chair Phyllis Randall is also asking residents to stay out of D. C this week. And to not take part in any counter protests to rallies by die hard Trump supporters expected to protest the election results. Randall says she wants to head off what could be fairly dangerous protests. There are numerous street closures and restrictions in place downtown for Tuesday and Wednesday. One of the first measure is presented to the new session of Congress is a bill in the House calling for D C. Statehood after Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton introduced her D C statehood bill with a record number of original co sponsors. 202 on the first day of the 117th Congress, D. C. Mayor Muriel Bowser says the district is grateful for the congresswoman's leadership and ensuring that statehood remains a top priority for the Congress. Noting that last year the D C. Statehood bill passed the House for the first time, Norton predicts D. C is on its way..

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