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So we are getting to your time of year. Ristori jefferson. I'm very excited coming up. The buck season is over. So where do they go from here? We will get to that minute but I. So betting on yourself. Sound good, really like a no brainer. Of course you should bet on yourself. If you don't who will. But in truth, it's never that simple. Because even once you do place that bet. So many things that aren't going to be up to you. We'll determine whether it pays off take raptors president, Jiri who last year after getting swept out of the playoffs, again by LeBron James again, specifically told reporters, quote, it's on me put it on me and that sounds good accountability. And all that. But then what think about all the things I had to do after that nice little speech and all the things that could have gone wrong. I e fire coached wing. Casey, one of the nicer humans in the sport who had just guided the raptors to their most successful regular season ever. I did this knowing full well that Casey was up for coach of the year. And in fact, just a few weeks later, Casey one, which didn't look great, then, as it became clear that the Spurs were going to trade Leonard took another annoyed. Thomas gamble, offering up his team's most beloved player a four-time all-star and again, you can frame this Jiri betting on himself and his ability to assess talent. But let's not kid ourselves messiah. I didn't know what he was bringing back and co why he didn't know the state of health would ever return to the form that had made him one of the top five players in the game. He didn't know of why would be willing to buy in or trust with the rafters wanted to do this season. Because it just spent the previous season clearly, no longer trusting the folks in San Antonio, really the only thing the sign new for sure. Is that his contract would be up in less than a year and that there was a better than even chance that quite would move on after that? Oh. And then there was the matter of Toronto's other all star Kyle Lowry who was upset about the way the trade was handled. He went months without even speaking to Gerry. In fact, it took until February for the two of them to sit down and clear. The air with each other, which was also right around the time messiah, through his chips into the middle of the table, again deciding to sacrifice a bunch of the depth that he'd spent years building, too. Acquire Marcus all, and hey, now all of it looks very smart. Why Leonard clearly as elite as ever Lowry. Bought back in Nick nurse has made the in series adjustments. That frankly had been missing from previous playoff runs..

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