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The three in all oon free that's what my team has devolved into armed i'm sure in my toast sixty one yard for trauma your home slow little oba more information we need more european on the football yeah we also we you know that's a great question we all couldn't you want to hear what he had to say this oak cleared up foia here's odell beckham junior explaining why she decided to celebrate a touchdown as if he was urinating on the football in the arizona score a touchdown i'm ago sewak um i don't really know it i didn't know if the rule book said can't heart your leg is that appeared on somebody spas was trying to find imaginary goes pete on um but i didn't see him this jet is he's mentally unstable huge god god help me he's here right now he's not right clearly miller watched lama love pocketed nets the day thinking about who killed two bargain boom i watch at full thing run i was really good air surprisingly more behind all assured while for two think it was this guy is former crib guy oliver anderson and that sugar didn't orchestrate that but they did say that he did orchestrate the big for revenge so it's actually a really good schurbon yes shougang vague you put it into park so we'll said but had those people are dead now you know so and issued resembling caught guns like the oic areas vacination easy to point fingers ordinarily a guy in new york everbody was afraid of haitian um well only was he was by realized two haitian he's down to the dominican republic right now because he was a pretty bad as dude hero whose name haitian something travel was us on prevention john wall fox five last night air can get all nor was the game was on nbc in special was on fox.

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