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To go well you clearly showed championship caliber talent you clearly show that you can compete against the very best ever so congratulations to you for that yes those who say thank you to everybody in Houston you guys are amazing thank you to everybody everybody you so thank you Dominic raise after losing tonight to Jon Jones in unanimous judges fast after five rounds in as of course the most wins in title fight history for USC that's fourteen wins now for John Jones in listen you you can see it not only on on down to grace's face after the fight to him like he did as he seeing the announcement is space is just shocking he's like you got to be kidding me dude like what is going on here so yeah and you can listen to the interview every time he is asked he's like well I it is a he only goes to is it is what it is because he feels like he won every he won the first three rounds and he's popping back up from being knocked down which again means you're not getting a whole lot of points I I don't know what difference I want to make sure he ate it Jon bones Jones never knocked Dominic rates down he got take downs but Democrats got right back up Dominic ray is punched John Jones in the chest and knocked him down in the first round I have never seen John Jones be kicked in the face as many times as he got kicked in the face tonight I've never seen that ray has won this fight John Jones won the fourth fifth round no question I think he he they were dead even in the fourth gave it to bones Grady's the champ there's no doubt that Dominic ray as one the first three rounds at our of this fight and Dominic radiation walked out of there with a light heavyweight championship belt tonight me did well and as you said maybe there's a rematch coming who does this is game that.

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