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Why name is Jonathan Jay Leno by game. Name is a wish I'm twenty one years old. Elise is one of the top ranked players in the world. I started playing counter strike one point five when I was about four years old. My dad didn't really liked me playing games I'm much. I he just wanted me to play sports. Do things outside, but I just never had fun stuff. By the time. He was a seventeen year old high school senior Elise had signed onto his first professional sports team. We are one of the top teams in the world. And now they're about to take on some of the world's best a tournament in New York on the line a quarter of a million dollars. Their bread and butter is a game called counter strike a five on five shooter competition. Success depends on seamless teamwork and strategy. Don't really like us. Their coach is a former pro player himself. My name is welcome also known as some thirty years older when people imagine gamers, expect us to be in the basement, and when we play in these arenas at something kind of out of this world, we got the plan for twenty five thousand people. Over millions live watching at the same time. They jet around the world it all across the US from a really small town really is an awful opportunity. And I love it when they're not on the road. Most American teams go back to Los Angeles. The unofficial home of east boards in the US. We're the franchises pay for them to live in mansions fit four king. Hanging out with the Philadelphia fused crypto. This place is worth five million dollars, man. And they told me this is a little bit more typical how most teams get down where they live and train together inside the gamers, paradox training room and gym. So you guys you got a court outside groups, ping pong and. Trenin there. Yeah. Tim liquid is a little different the players live in their own apartments. But they train here at this brand new nine thousand square foot state of the art facility. So welcome. This is the alienware training facility. Steve are handset is the co owner of the team if you were to ask Serena Williams were kind of racket, or are you gonna end up using she's going to be very particular about the type of racquet, right? And for our gamer. They wanna be. Enabled have the very best detail has been carefully thought out from an on-staff personal chef to a pro level. Supporting cast have mental coaches, we have sports psychologists have physical therapist. So there's an army of folks that are dedicated to making sure that these players up their performance in.

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