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When i get a little bit better i'll send you one of the prototypes and you can check it out. Oh i would love a michael become a fucking monster or what i think your cardio in your hands are going to be. Unstoppable is what's going to happen you write that down to remind me to send one of these these proton please ask. Hey tells whoever that is i said thank you. I don't know if they're making flights in the meantime and then taking notes for you. And i think that's my pr. She's a she's a beast. Hey thank you for that in advance in. We'll take xl shirt to excel shirt. If we wanna look. Let's talk about these guys both a bunch of. Ufc she eight that. Let's talk about this weekend or talk about this weekend. Time fights obviously my balls was hot is one of my favorite fighters on earth. He's headlining we got a big weekend ahead. As you're putting fights on every week at this point yeah pretty much every week and yes when it comes to heavyweight championship fights you know there's an interim title you can't at a better fight than this in no you derek. Lewis who is the hometown favourite and houston big celebrity. There they love them has that one punched knocked out. Power actually beat francis and gone you. The champion against cyril gone. Who is undefeated. Nine also has never fought the champion. So whoever wins. This fight takes on offense to unify title better heavyweight by. Hey let's go. I'm going to go into the throw the fight and watch knocks spider out a couple of times the big son of a ready for a big heavyweight fight. Dana at this point like when it comes to finding new talent. Does that kind of stuff just genuinely come to you or like you still have to go out and kind of like fine guys. Do you feel like at this point. Everyone's trying to fight in the ufc. Like is it a lot. Easier to to find guys like sugar. Sean guys who are going to become huge superstars. No so we still have. You know shows like you've ultimate fighter and Contender series and what it does really is introduced as so many people to these young up and coming stars these guys basically when they come off the shows are already you know stars in the making but we also go out and look at talent. We cultivate talent. Like if we see people in china or india or mexico or puerto rico or some of these different places that we think has potential we will fly them out to the united states. Put them in a really good camps and let them train with some of the best fighters in the world so that they can get to that next level. We've been doing that for like twelve years. Yeah i think the fights and the fighters are such good stories. I mean the stories that come in sugar sean is. He's come on our show a lot. We're big fans of he has that just swagger it seems like and that's the fight game right you guys. The fight game is in. That's i assume in that room. Do a lot of in the matchmaking. Do you take into accountability. Like all right. Here's some buzz. Here's a act. Think we cleanest bliss then it just got a bug you can send twice water. Ufc flyswatter. that'd be fantastic. When you're trying to put these cards together like knockout power you think about. Hey this one has a lot of history behind like how do you go about in. How much is like the promotion of part of it. Because i feel like the whole world gets invested whenever we're talking shit to each other whether the guys like to do it or not or the girls like to do or not. It feels like that is just good for business. Do you think about that. You guys promote that or is that just kind of how the business runs and eli's has no we don't we go based off skill Rankings and things like that. Listen if you get a guy like conor mcgregor who obviously can fight. He's got good punching power and things like that and if he has it back there to become a big star. That's just that's just a huge bonus but we don't. We don't really look at that when we're making bites how d. s. five rounds you you had to think i this guy who put we got. Es in phoenix. What he's asking fucking five around there. I mean that had. That was a home run. That was a home run fight. And i think you almost ended that thing exactly how everybody thought it was going to go there. Obviously i think the other diaz is getting back in there. How good for fighting back guy. Yeah no the diaz brothers are definitely fun and they have been bring a completely different fan base in when they fight. It's fascinating and people just love these guys and from their press conferences to the way into the fight itself People are fascinated by the brothers dropped marijuana testing for immediately after the press conference where picks timing just worked out on the ice. Good luck this week and good luck with all your fights and good luck with finding in congratulations finding like a blueprint for if the world ever stops. You got this own arena. Basically that you created in an island. It's incredible work congrats on everything. Thank you. I appreciate you guys and i got a bunch of stuff coming for you. So thank you. We heard that we a. We'll send some back by the. Are you knocking people out in there or not where..

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