York, President Trump, Donald Trump discussed on CNN's The Daily DC - Where is the next political battle ground?


I don't i don't know if that's fair to her if let's say that she would she steps down tomorrow which i think is unlikely as you quite clear but i don't even know that stuff republicans from still making her in issue at least in the short term or just choosing someone else's choose chuck schumer new york liberal it's the same type of message she just happens to be one of the moon more prominent figures in the party right now that the republican base recognizes and can help spurned turnout and we usually have a conversation no matter who the president is which party when it gets to these i midterms about the decisions that candidates and incumbents running for reelection in that place to make about whether or not to embrace the president or not and especially if he's under fifty percent or in the case donald trump if it were today he's well under that who knows where he'll be in terms of his approval rating a come the fall of twenty eighteen bite to your point about also making sure that there's not an apathetic based donald trump could potentially be helpful there so how do republicans begin to deal with that straddle if you're each republic is making that this casebycase basis and it we were talking about barbara comstock that's a good example of a member of congress who needs both trump supporters and people who don't like donald trump you need a coalition of those two groups in order to win reelection in what we saw in the gubernatorial primary in virginia's that cory stewart won the the uh the tend to strict again said gillespie so there is a course grouping of former state chairman for donald trump got fired at the very end but there were there is some core this is not just arlington men this is uh this is.

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