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Light injury report for the Bears as they get ready to head to Atlanta and regular season game number three on Sunday. Khalil Mack a zany issue questionable to play, but Mack has been going with this knee problem since the start of the season and has not missed any playing time defensive end Mario Edwards. He has a glute injury, also listed as questionable to play on Sunday. And one thing that matter, Maggie notices When it comes to the Atlanta Falcons defense, they can run. I see a lot of speed off the edge, obviously up the middle. And I just overall I see a team that just flies around. I know on turf. They're going to be even faster. Andi. I think that we understand that we need to be ready at all times. For that speed, also from the NFL, Greenbay listing receiver Davante Adams has doubtful for their game Sunday night in New Orleans. This because of a hamstring injury. College football in the Mid American Conference, the last of the big Division one conferences that have decided to play football in 2020. They will resume on November 4th a six game schedule, the SEC is beginning their season. On Saturday, They joined the A. C C in the big 12 who have already started, of course, the Big 10 will start their 2020 football schedule later in October. Our exclusive coverage of the Bears and Falcons from Atlanta begins Sunday morning, 9 A.m.. In your home of the Bears stayed current Ernie's radio 7 81, 5.9 FM W BBM news time 11 48 traffic and weather together on the eight years, Abby Ryan. Well, right now we have a new crash on the outbound side of the Eisenhower. It's reportedly a rollover just past the Jane Byrne interchange right around racing. And then after that we have at earlier one that was right at Laramie in the left lane, now a new one, reportedly at Austin on the outbound side, too, If you're on the in bound side Of the Eisenhower just a little So from racing on into the Jane Byrne interchange. Now the outbound side of I 55 55 the right lane blocked south bound. On the outside. It brought 1 13 so far on the inbounds out of the Ryan that is very heavy, Fromthe Stevenson on into the Jane Byrne interchange. You've got that right lane blocked with construction from Roosevelt. From the Stevenson on up to Roosevelt in the inbound Ryan before that, in the local lane Do have heavy delay from 59 got up to Garfield bound. I 57 that is tight right around before and after Halstead there is construction there tonight, Down to 127th at midnight. They're going to add another lane to it. Rest of the roads. Okay. Tollways air looking good northwest Indiana. Or find so far. Next traffic reports coming your way of 11 58 news radio 7 81 5.9 FM. The W BBMak You weather forecast tonight Patchy clouds and mild low 60 for tomorrow windy. Really warm intervals of clouds and sunshine. A high near 85. The average height is only 71. Tomorrow night. Partly cloudy and warm, diminishing winds alot of 67 Sunday clouds and breaks of sunshine. A shower around in the afternoon. A high of 77 than Sunday night. A few showers in turning cool with a low of 54 right now at O'Hare 71 midway 71 along the lakefront 72 degrees w BBM news time 11 50 Chicago's most trusted stuff for updated news minute by MINUTE news radio 7 80 won over by 800.9 FM. Gary, Indiana's mayor has counseled door to door trick or treating because of the pandemic, but he is allowing other Halloween activities to go ahead as long as strict rules or met. Jerome Prince says he's following advice from federal health experts who say trick or treating is what he calls a sure fire way to spread the Corona virus instead of trick or treating businesses and other organizations may hold trunk or treat on their private properties. If these events are carefully controlled, we can insure their Children and others. Will not be spreading this spread or will not contribute to the spread of the virus, trunk or treat events allow Children ago from vehicle the vehicle to collect candy as long as the Children and the vehicles remain far enough apart, and other safety guidelines are followed. Prince also says private Halloween parties will be allowed as long as the host get permission from the city. He says Any Halloween activities in Gary, Indiana will have to meet specific covered 19 safety guidelines from the city coming up in two minutes. Bloomberg.

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