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And he invited me over to the studio. He's making a solo record and I'm sitting in the studio and I. I was just so thrilled to meet him and he was so trace such a charming guy. Then I'm sitting there watching them. They're doing backing vocals on this uncle. You are which became a huge hit for him right and they were really struggling with the blend. Couldn't find the sound that he was looking for and all of a sudden he looked through the glass at any point in us. Come out here I go out there. And he's using my part that I was singing and he switched. Departs with the other two singers and he went in the control room and when okay go chorus and we sang and he went. That's the sound and and I never missed a day at the studio. He said I want you to sing back vocals on this record. But I just want you to know that if I'm in this room whether you're singing you're not you're welcome to be in this room. And so for four months every day I went to the studio and watched him make that record. Kim At what a gift. What gift and so cut to and this is. You'll really appreciate this so cut to six months ago. Maybe I get this incredible offer to come in and open for Barbra streisand at Hyde Park in London and Barbara and I have been friends for a long time so wait a minute like could your life. Be Any more magical. Could Your Life Richard Marx be any more like blast married to the most beautiful in the world? Best friends with your three boys. Best friends with your eighty hair Mama. I'm fifty six. Look at the hair. You got great hair and you to open for Barbara streisand and you got you. Got A phone call at eighteen from Lionel Ritchie. Who Waco friends with a wait. This is great. This is such a book end so I knew that Lionel had played the night before at Hyde Park opening for Stevie. Wonder Wonderland Richie Barbra streisand. Richard Barks. You're killing me. This was the night before and then the next night was you and barbarian bar. Kris Kristofferson was on as well but and so I'm onstage and it was such a magical gig and then watching Barbara. Her thing was amazing. And I get back to the dressing room and there's a text on my phone from Lionel and the text says I'm sitting on my hotel balcony listening to you sing right here waiting and I'm so proud of you. I mean that's thirty seven years later. How sweet and I text him as a good were you. Let's go to dinner. He said I'm getting ready to go to the airport. But he said I'm I'm sitting here and I'm listening to you sing to these. You know ten thousand people in London and I'm just so proud of so go back the thirty six years to when you were a teenage kid and he called you and encourage doing your music and then the gift of time he poured into you in the studio and you know. I wrote a book about it. I talk about it on my show every night. The importance of of changing the world one heart at a time and I had a friend in my kitchen the other day said I finally got it. She said I finally got what she goes. This whole one hard time thing. You're talking about you. She'd been with me when I was interacting with some of my adopted kids and some other children that are families kind of taken in and she said when you pour yourself into one person it makes a difference Yeah S. That's my whole message right there. Well actually into one person like landlord. She did for you. Yeah the impact that has it's like that ripple the pebble in the pond. The ripples go out for ever that impact his impact and influence on your music your impact and your music's influence on June rations of people. It just grows and builds and an it's the essence. I believe of love and the reason. We're here yeah totally. I mean you can imagine when you're especially at that sort of age of seventeen eighteen to have someone like him say that to me was like a rocket confidence and hope like the fuel that that gave me was life changing and I have the only thing I've been able to do for him for Lionel is tell the stories. I want everybody to know I I I tell everybody who will listen with the best part about being friendly with Lionel Ritchie's when you call him and he picks goes hello Gotti so cute so for years. I've got to play music and now you're back in the studio recording again. Tell me about your new stuff because my producer Jane. He came to me a couple of months ago and was so excited. I love that I love that. Anybody cares at this point. But that's the cool thing about the fact that I'm you know I I still get to be on the air as I've I've seen I know the stories. I've seen the history I watch. Daisy Fuentes back in the day when I had a TV on. I haven't had a TV for twenty years for you. We we never watch TV but having that history and loving your music so it's really cool. Well you know I got to a point in the last ten years I'd say where I sort of Felt like touring and playing concerts is really what my career is. And if as long as I'm able to do it I really am a believer that Records and putting on the radio and all that stuff is really for younger people but the conflict was that I you know. I still write songs all the time. And I I love making new music and I love making records but I did get to a point where it was a little bit like. What's like Y Y you know? I have a couple of acquaintances who are sort of peers of mine around the same age or older than me that were popular when I was popular on the radio and they still have this what I consider a delusion of. I'm going to have another number one record. I'M GONNA and it's like dude. No you're not and it's OK because you had a lot of hits and I feel like once I determined that it really just has to be about my love of writing and recording new music and that's all that matters then it was like okay while I wanna make an album I actually. This is another great story. I I found myself at a dinner at really small dinner six or eight months ago with Chris Martin and I'd never met him before and I'm a fan. I'm a big fan of coal. Play in what he does and he's really really At least from my one couple of our hang with him he was really charming and kind and we had a couple of really great conversation. He asked me so. So I know you're touring all the time but like are you making a new record or anything. Yeah just finishing a new album and and I said you know I don't know what it means for somebody like me. But and so then somebody started talking and the conversation shifted for five or ten minutes and I could see Chris face like look. Look at me like we're not done with that conversation. Sure enough politely. He got out of that conversation and said to me kind. Go back to what you were saying like. I'll tell you what it means for you. It's still coming through you and it's like you said. I'm sure when you started writing songs at was about. Yeah you had a lot to prove in. You've had an incredible career but it's still about the song still come through us like as long as the song is still coming through us. That's what matters. And here's this guy. That's you know much younger than I am. Then it was a really kind sweet thing to say and it was like yeah man yes. That's exactly what it's about and so what this music is about is me just going in and having fun and recording the song the single another one down. I ended up writing with my son. Lucas and he produced it I wrote another song with him. I wrote several songs by myself which I have traditionally done. Most of my stuff has been self written but I collaborated with some New People in this record two which was really really fun young so I'm writers and and my friend Matt scandal from the band. Vertical horizon is my best friend. But also I think one of the most talented guys in the world and and it's a very schizophrenic album. Like there's there's stuff that sort of like modern country and then there's stuff that's like super modern pop and then there's like the it's all over the place but the thread is my voice and they. It's just a collection of songs. I really really love it. I want people to hear sympathizer very cool. That is pretty simple but pretty sweet and I'm glad that That you got another one down to get to us so that we could Share it with our love that you guys played. You played well. I'm very fortunate in that. You know there's all this research there's all this Gobbledygook that although record or radio companies do that that tells me who my target audience is supposed to be their big on research and you know. Imagine you're on the air you're talking to a twenty seven year old female driving home from work picking up her child at daycare and the data data but the truth is I get phone calls from young people. I get phone calls. I got a phone call the other day from somebody who lives down on Mount Shasta off the grid. He's in his late eighties. He cuts his own firewood because his cabin. The House that he lives in is only heated with firewood. And he's like completely off the grid and he's got this radio that he picks me up on every night when we talk for a long time and I'm like dude you are so not my target audience and I so love this conversation. We're having and so It's Nice a broad range of people get to hit to hear your music in other here right here waiting and all of your big hits every night because they're perfect for every request and dedication anyone ever makes. I don't know if you've listened but right here. Waiting is a song that that I used to play for couples who were getting back together or couples who had been separated by the military. Yeah that's that was huge for the especially when the song was a hit in eighty nine nose Gulf War yeah. I met obviously many men who were deployed. At the time. They'll go man. That was my song with my wife and my girl and I also met a lot of widows and widowers military personnel who died during that time and that was their song. This one woman told.

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