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The courthouse in the capital city of Bogotá Previously abortion was allowed in Colombia only in cases of rape fetal malformations or if the pregnant person's life was in danger As a result writes groups say hundreds of thousands of Colombian women opted for often dangerous illegal abortions every year Colombia's ruling follows similar decisions over the past two years legalizing abortion in Argentina and Mexico For NPR news I'm John Otis in Bogotá Colombia Dow futures down 75 this is NPR This is WNYC in New York at 8 O four good morning I'm Carrie Nolan Governor Kathy hochul is warning New Yorkers of potential cyberattacks as Russia continues to pose a threat to Ukraine Huckel said she convened members of her cabinet to review the cybersecurity preparedness of state institutions and critical infrastructure The governor also says she's in touch with The White House and the Department of Homeland Security Russia has been blamed for a string of cyberattacks against the U.S. in the past including breaches at federal agencies and the hacking of the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 presidential election Mayor Eric Adams is expected to make an announcement related to cybersecurity later today The Biden administration is also voiced concerns over potential cyberattacks which is an amassed an estimated 190,000 troops on Russia's border with Ukraine It's been more than a year since the federal law took effect requiring hospitals to post their prices online but WNYC's Caroline Lewis reports most are breaking the rules Out of a thousand hospitals surveyed nationwide by the nonprofit patient rights advocate dot org only 14% are in full compliance with the price transparency law that took effect last January None of the 12 hospitals analyzed in New York City and Long Island are among them In order to be fully compliant they have to post the rates they have negotiated with health plans for different medical procedures They also have to share consumer friendly information for 300 services patients can plan for ahead of time No hospitals have been fined for violations so far Most New Yorkers want to wait and see before mask mandates are lifted for schools That's according to the latest Sienna college poll 58% said they want to see what COVID numbers look like in early March before deciding on whether the requirement should go away Another 30% said the rule should have already ended while 10% want to be done with face coverings after this week's school break The Siena poll also found a majority of New Yorkers 58% feel the worst of the pandemic is over Governor hochul says she'll reevaluate the mask mandate for schools on March 4th the poll reports that hoku is still favored by a plurality of New.

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