North Korea, Virginia, Congress discussed on Mark Levin



Richter scale cursing the needles are about to move again as we go to levin the us defense secretary and secretary of state bowl speaking out on the north korean situation latest the bottom of the hour radio seven forty ktrh gene while trump stabs conservatives in the back he boosts luther strange whose mcconnell's guy and mcconnell as we pointed out yesterday is out there trashing trump right rick mcconnell's out there trashing trump trump endorses mcconnell's guy roll was supporting mcconnell's guy this guy row crews his former campaign manager he endorses mcconnell's guy and we conservatives were looking at each other like what the hell is this well ladies and gentlemen we been betrayed again libya the trade again by this guy row by we were betrayed by the president in this regard there's no look there's no won't be as bond the president is there's no you know candy coating this it was a shock eight million dollars being sent to probe spent to promote luther strange and destroy particularly mo brooks coming out of washington meanwhile while they're good it cheap petty gutter potty politics whereas mitch mcconnell the night see doing a facebook like john mccain trashing the president now the other days at a rotary club trashing the president but where are they today whereas mitch mcconnell john mccain paul ryan where are all of the why isn't congress meeting why isn't congress dealing with north korea why isn't congress passing a spending bill immediately strengthen our military why isn't congress voting at a spending bill immediately to strengthen our strategic defense initiative tech ever more of our cities in this country why are they out about how do they have time to show up on tv when they're not doing their jobs what's that all about well there you have it i'll let me take another one of these guys benjamin falls church virginia wmal yes benjamin good evening mr levin how are you i'm great at least when i'm calling in.

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