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Chair it's at a snowflake or two and i'm i'm saying it like that because we're not expecting any massive accumulations in the metro area but just to let you know that that will you could see a little bit of snow on the ground later this morning by the time we get to this afternoon most of the snow showers down low are finished it's the snow up in the cascades that will continue through the balance of the day our high temperatures should end up in the upper thirty's lows tonight in the upper 20s and highs tomorrow mid thirties with clear skies and plenty of sunshine in the komo weather center i'm brian calvert at the moment thirty six degrees and broken clouds of downtown seattle stay connected stay informed this is komo news good morning it is 606 from the komo twenty four hour news center i'm jeff pohjola here's what we're following for this sunday the eighteenth the february two thousand and eighteen cold temperatures snow strong winds all on their way to the region but some places have already seen some damage as a result of this winter storm komos tammy muhtassem has more from mercer island who've hoisted the wind whipped massive tree right out of the ground tossing it onto chris anderson grandma house for friday older arsenal that was their bedroom the brunt of the one hundred tall tree near willingness were chris is grandma had been sitting she was taken to the hospital with head and neck injuries of you more feet in our direction the story would be different to be released government a senior in good spirits and still here so which is scary thing when conditions we've been getting lately it's now when there there's a lot of rain it softens the soil and that makes the freeze follower easier not far from this house i haven't seen this kind of winter that before that strong winds could force washed up.

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