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Reporter alad Martin profiles this week's winner. There you go. Katie tiger leads playtime at guide dogs for the blind's puppy kennel. In San Rafael. I started just a dog Walker. Exercising dogs. They're here. And then somebody said when they do like puppies. And I said, well, yeah. As an official puppy socializers. Katie spends countless hours playing in cuddling play with this net the ear, and yes, gently correcting thousands of puppies destined to be guide dogs ten thousand some crazy number. I don't know a lot of dogs, and then in the well-paying kennel there were six to seven dogs litter, and there may be ten litters in there, and I be handling every single dog before I left at the end of my shift. Since starting volunteer in two thousand six Katie has done just about every job here. Waters. Plants guide dog CEO. Christine Benadryl is impressed. Just her attitude. She's always he's always positive. She really believes in the mission recess stern. Both works for and benefits from guide dogs for the blind guy dog absolutely changed my life in an amazing profound way. He says volunteers Katie are vital to the organization's goal of improving lives. I did. Okay. But I was never that comfortable going out of my own to places I've never been before. And I just feel like I can do anything. I want to do with that died by my side feel so committed to her work with the dogs. She recently committed to showing it tell me about the tattoo, there will know gotta have a puppy Pau. If you're a guy dog while interior, right? When did you get that just a year ago when I was? Seventy-nine about the same time. She got a few other tattoos. Hoping I can be just like Katie when I'm eighty she's just someone that puts us mile on everybody's face. And you just never know. What amazing Macy's done? What do you think you think you'd like to do this? So for helping thousands of dogs. Go onto improve thousands of lives of people visually impaired this week's Jefferson award in the bay area goes to Katie Taggart Allen, Martin KCBS..

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