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Taryn Winter. Brill, We're here with Jeff BRANDEIS. He is the author of becoming a rainmaker. A guide for accountants and CPS demonstrates. Have you with us? Thank you so much for having me great to be here. So the title really grabbed me because full disclosure My dad was a C P A. So I am the daughter of an accountant. So I get this world. It's a unique where world but putting it mildly. So it's nice to see a guy that my dad could have had back in the day in terms of the genesis of writing this book to guide out there or two guides exist out there rather or is this the first of its kind? Further books on have a cell without a doubt. I don't not sure that there's actually one geared towards CPS that I've saw or seen on. I just thought this would be such a great topic for CBS to have something that Dedicated to them, as opposed to taking something that you never book and having it make it work for them. Right. So let's dive into because, you know guide is a specific word. So it's a guide in terms of what one of the primary share that we're talking about. What do you What do you trying to guide readers through? I'm trying to guide readers through how they ashy Bill Better report and pastor report. With their what we call prospects in the cells roll or potential clients so that they can basically cut down that cell cycle. That they really don't understand how to go sell or that sells process if you would. So what we teach in the book is how to recognize people how people learn Let's help people by and when you're able to match your presentation They're running style. You build that report three times faster in one third the time and it makes so much easier for the counter C p a to be able to do that when they recognize how people learn. That's what teaching the book Very interesting. Yeah, we're gonna get to that in a second. It is very unique. How we learn, And there are different ways of learning. Everybody learns differently is sort of the conduit to how you buy on. Do you talk about the different kinds of, you know? People in terms of learning and buying, But just to back up for a moment, the title it's unique, you know, becoming a rainmaker. Tell us tell us in your own words, what a rainmaker is and why why you wanted to put it in the title. It means so much to be in when you were in the paper, and you have the aspirations and the desire to become a partner to become a ball partner. You need to bring business in the door. CH call that green making bringing review into the firm. You're a rainmaker, and that's how you get to go get them over there up through the ranks in the sea pay for to become a partner. Is that right? So is that a common term in the industry rainmaker? Yes, it is it Z. It's actually coming with the more common even in the other industries these days, as opposed to people say, Hey, you gotta go tell him or that you gotta go. You increase your quarter. We need to be more re maker. We need those sales coming in the door. So bring those dollars. Come raining in if you would, so I'm a rainmaker. So is that that's an unwritten rule that if I don't bring in business, I'm just going to stay where I am. I consult maintain, you know, being an accountant at the firm, but I'm never gonna I'm never gonna, you know, climb the ladder, so to speak. I would say it's an unwritten rule, but your chances are can really be coming up on our sharing in the revenues. He's in Annapolis. You happening review in the door? Likelihood of getting a percentage of the profits candle E media like slimmer and if you were bringing obviously money in becoming a rainmaker and their way that way you're contributing to the overall pool. Now, do you? Are you still an accountant? Did you When did When Did you see her off into cells? And was it Because of something you were naturally doing, Jeff or someone teach you what was the genesis of your path, and you're rude. Well, I actually got my degree in accounting in New York from medical college. I got my masters in taxation. So I continued my schooling and I worked with you behave firms for five years. And candy. I learned the power process in working is he paid for? And I got really friendly with a great friend of mine. Who called what the book a Burstein. I know David now for 30 odd years, and he he was working for a taxi company..

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