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My name is Miles Conway. I'm the executive officer of the Santa Fe Area Homebuilders Association tune in for conversation with homebuilding industry and community leaders as they share knowledge, invaluable advice and caring for your home. Home is greater than the sum of its parts. Home becomes AH, Home Sweet home because the love thought and creative energy we put into it. Join us every Sunday at 11 or build together. Santa Fe Area Homebuilders Association radio hour on KPRC 12 61 of 3.7 streaming on Santa fe dot com. Hi, folks. Morley Fletcher here, owner of Santa Fe, Kia, thanking New Mexico for your business and support in 2020. Now is we blaze into the new year. There's no better time to treat yourself to a brand new Kia or new Do you pre owned vehicle from Santa Fe Kid? It may be cold outside, but Sanofi Kia has blazing high ideals You've been looking for. Feels like $5000 off msrp E on all remaining new 2020 key Escort each or $3500 off msrp on all remaining 2020 years old. If it's low interest rate you're looking for Santa Fe. Kia has 0% a P R. Limited term financing on all new 2021 Kia Forte Cape I Soul sported and Sedona All of our new and pre owned vehicle prices have been reduced and clearly marked with red tags on every vehicle. SANTA FE, Keogh where we treat you different 17 01 ST Michael's Drive or on the Web at Santa Fe, Kid calm surface and Keep your Love interest rates. He is the Richard Eat. Show the points of Santa Fe on Katie RC Santa Fes News Talk leader. Oh, what do you mean? 17 minutes after one o'clock, very grateful for human. It's with Attorney General Hector Ball dearest. But Attorney General Thanks for your time today.

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