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Rick sensor wand in now doing guy near make trafficsignal thailand so looking at realtime movement on the roadways ingesting not only the traffic signals but lane directions at the everett herald reports adaptive signal control will upgrade forty seven traffic signals and storms county on busy highway 527 between canyon park and paine field and also on the 128th street southwest airport road route traffic engineer say travel times could improve by more than ten percent maybe as much as fifty percent corwin haeck komo news komo news time twelve thirty four still to come i'm brian calvert and a judge tells the state get this man mental health help or i'll hold you in contempt how battle brewing over the future look of first in pike in downtown seattle time billionth person update on komo triple aaa traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's pugh wallet last time we heard some problems there kiera yeah where we're hearing sapa reports of a crash on meridian near thirty nine was hearing is in the southbound direction but what i am actually seeing is that are northbound traffic is going to be slow and that starts just south of one hundred twenty eight so that's a pretty good slow down there unfortunately a don't really have a camera in that area so it's hard for me to really get in there and check out what's going on but i can tell you that you're going to be finding that northbound slow down outside of that southbound 405 tapping the brakes around coal creek and then busy both directions the four or five a little bit as you approach north east 30th and also looks like northbound 405 with the minor slowing approaching the valley freeway as well i 5 that's looking fantastic right now our lake bridges wide open we do have this ongoing maintenance work that take

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