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Do you do there well I am criminal defense lawyer legally blind lawyer Massachusetts Back Oh wow you're the only legally blind trial or a man that's quite an honor congratulations let me ask you a question just between you and me do you think I look like several God Katie Tanglewood so you're bald I know that you're you legally blind but not blind enough for me to fool you well that is true frustrating well welcome to the show Andrew you're going to play our game you must try to tell truth from fiction bill what is Andrew's topic it happened at mile eight so we all know two things about running runners like to tell you about running and hearing about running is the most boring thing in the world especially reading a book written about running that's now out in paperback but Ah we heard an interesting story about running that happened at eight of a particular race our panelists are going to tell you about pick the one who's telling you the truth and you'll win the waiter of your choice on your voicemail you're ready to apply captured criminal jury trial that's true all right your first story of an incident and race comes from Roy Blunt Junior online you can find a t shirt that says Jesus leaves all others take half damage which I gather is some kind of dungeons and dragons very clever but what if you were running into rice and you collapsed and passed out wearing one of those t shirts fortunately when Tyler Moon twenty-five had a real hard back at mile eight of a ten mile run in Minneapolis this week he was wearing a jogging bib on which he had written simply just say Jesus did okay strictly speaking it was hastened hey suzy we know forty-three nurse who stopped running himself called an ambulance performed CPR and saved Moon's life moon came to and was told who had saved him he said bless my soul or words to that effect man the wearing a shirt saying Jesus saves collapses at Mile Eight of a road race and is saved by a man named Jesus your next story of run on sentences comes from Roxanne Rocks Frank Rieger had just one goal for the Chicago Marathon this month finish in five hours or less he was doing okay until mile eight one Rieger an FBI agent who investigates White Collar time spotted David Rafael about twenty five feet ahead of him placed on the FBI's most wanted list for tax fraud and money laundry Raphael was you too fled overseas but there he was running in Nike vapor fly shoes in Gucci sunglasses a son Rieger gave chase true quired him to step up literally quote I had to go faster and I made him my Pacer I'll give him this he's a hell of honor Raphael cross the finish line in four hours thirty two minutes with the exhausted Rieger right behind he was arrested by two policemen that the agent had flagged over and.

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