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All there is shaken between the two countries This more than likely is just the latest in an exchange, between two guys like each other but you know what I gotta hand this ongoing stuff off going, stuff Senator off going that's been going on with Iran for decades now it's going to result in. Something someday that could be, very very ugly? Now? The new secretary of state Mark them pale? Address some, of the most powerful, members, of Iran's expatriate community yesterday at the Ronald Reagan presidential library, down in seamy valley during which he said Iranians should not have to flee their homeland to find a better life and then he countered the fake news narrative of Iran's regime Now Senator Tom cotton was there down in so Cal he introduced Mike Pompeo to the crowd of approximately a thousand iranian-americans. Quote when Mike Pompeo stands with you you'll never stand alone Mike Pompeo will tell the truth to friend full like. The tallest crave legitimacy but. The Iran. And people will not give it to them in the United, States will not conferred is so long as Mike. Pompeo is our secretary of state this is all cotton speaking so Pompeo thanks the ex, patriot Iranians president in the crowd and. Says he looks forward to hearing from you this evening, learning more about the situation in the Iran and understanding that your loved. Ones and friends what they're going, through living over there And he. Added not. All around see things the same way but I think everybody, can agree that the regime in Iran has been. A nightmare nightmare for the Iranian people and it's important that your unity on that point, is not diminished by differences anywhere else There is a feeling and I've long shared it that the ex patriot community over, here has the financial wherewithal the if I can call it. The rhetorical mechanism to get words inside of Iran and start something start something that could bring their leadership down, and I've long believed that's how this is all going to end from the inside out Pompeo also said I want you to know that the Trump administration dreams the same dreams the, people of Iran do and through our labours in God's providence one day it'll come true Now next year, maybe this is where we're going next year is going, to Mark the, fortieth anniversary of the Iranians regime during the big seizure of the. Power from Iran's last Shaw You remember the Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi who wound up coming over here passing away Pompeo noted that the so-called fruits from that revolution have been very very bitter. And he stated, subsidies provided to the regime's cronies have provided the average Hizbollah baton with roughly two to three times the monthly salary of what the average firefighter makes any Ron today Quote again regime mismanagement has led to a plummeting and all. Values a third of uranian Ruth, unim- youth run, employed a third of Iranians live, below the. Poverty line the bitter irony of the economic situation in Iran is, that the, regime lines its own pockets while the people cry out for jobs reform an opportunity and that is the building blocks for all of this stuff that will ultimately lead to the demise See in the in the large populated areas of Iran these are educated people these are trained people, and they're not gonna put up with stuff much longer they don't like going without food who dies So have taken to the streets of Iran particularly in the, cities outside. Of the nation's capital to protest against inflation Shouts of death to the dictator death to Harani have not. Been hurt ever now they're very prominent throughout at least eight cities, where the protests are taking place against the regime so has it begun Has it. Begun I hope so But that tweet that tweet from Donald J Trump that has got to be. The most, to the point angry got you tweet or communication with any hostile nation from any American president in the last thirty years again to the Iranian president Rollie never, ever threaten the United States again or you will suffer consequences like like of which few throughout history have ever suffered before we are no longer a country that will stand for your. Demented words of violence and..

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